Do you like it hot or cold? 

It’s been 30 degrees and sunny for weeks now in Toronto. It’s like a furnace outside! 

I think I am starting to think I am more of a winter person. How about you? 

It’s Finally Snowing

This week we finally saw some snow! My favourite thing about it is Teddy’s little paws prints. The colder weather makes it so hard to wake up but my HappyLight has been helping me through seasonal mood swings. I’m ready to take on the winter and perhaps get out there and make a snow man.

Spring is Such a Tease


It’s Easter Weekend here in Toronto. The weather was quite nice Good Friday and Saturday leading us to think Spring was coming.



Even Teddy was out enjoying the weather.

But surprise! It snowed during the night:
Easter Snow

Easter Snow

Easter Snow

When will Spring finally be here to stay?

Fighting SADS

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
I’ve discussed this with a few people on Twitter, but this year, I’ve been having a huge case of SADS (Seasonal Affective Disorder) aka winter blues. Some days, I wake up and don’t feel myself, I feel upset even though there’s nothing particular to be upset about.

Sometimes I feel like I really need to stay home and eat an entire bag of chips or two. Staying in suddenly seems more appealing than going out (to concerts which I love). But this sometimes leads to missing out on things which in turn leads to me feeling more depressed.

I found that the mood I wake up in generally dictates how I will feel for the rest of the day. I’ve been waking up a little earlier to make myself a coffee before heading to work. A relaxed mood on the commute (rather than a rushed one) really helps me to maintain sane for the rest of the day.

I’ve also pushed myself a little harder to go out. There are merits to staying in and doing hobbies I love too, but if I had previously planned to go see a show, I will make myself follow through on that plan. Oftentimes I feel like I don’t want to be there, but once I am, I never regret it. Having things to keep me busy keeps me from wallowing in SADS. This method may not work for everyone (or anyone else), but it works for me.

Have you been experiencing SADS? I’d love to know what you do to stay sane this winter.


You know those days where a series of unfortunate events happen in movies? Sometimes life is a little like that. It’s not funny when you’re in the experience. In fact I almost want to cry a little when they’re happening but when you look back at the events you can laugh a little.

Last night it actually snowed. The weather people have been warning us of snow storms all winter but have been wrong about it. But this time they were right. Without looking out the window, I unexpectedly walked out into a few snow banks.

Then I waited for my first bus in what felt like -20 temperatures. My toes were already beginning to freeze. When I got to the subway, someone pressed the emergency alarm at two consecutive stops on the same train. It stalled 10-15 minutes each time for emergency personnel to arrive. Then immediately after that all trains on same line I were held for a fire investigation at one station. In Toronto, when one train on the line stops, all of them are screwed. Our system is inefficient that way.

Anyways, after quite some time, I finally made the destination of my last bus, only to find out that we couldn’t leave the station. Cars were stuck trying to go up hills and as a result, so where some buses which led to a big traffic jam.

At that point I just wanted to yell STOP. Which was kind of funny because (after 30 minutes of sitting in freezing cold) eventually took a detour. On the detour I snapped a photo of a van with the word STOP on the windshield.

There’s not actually a point to this story. I did end up making it to work and the rest was normal.

However, I now have a fever. Maybe I’ll wake up fine and tomorrow will be a perfectly regular day. I mean it can’t go worse than today right?

The Beautiful Destruction of Bubbles

Inspired by Andrea Kelly, I tried the taking photos of bubbles outside as they freeze thing today. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any bubble solution so I created my own with dish soap and water. The solution wasn’t really the best for long-lasting bubbles so if anyone has a better one (that preferably does not require glycerin) I’d love to know! These bubbles were usually gone within seconds and I was blowing them as well as shooting the photos so it was a bit more difficult. I recommend making someone else freeze their butts of with you if you want to try this.

Merry Christmas! Here Are More Snowflakes

Merry Christmas! Hope you are all warm and enjoying some delicious goodies with the family. Here are some more photos of snowflakes.


This weekend in Toronto there was frozen rain and freezing temperatures which resulted in some beautiful ice formations. Naturally, I took some photos!

A Single Snowflake

I voluntarily went outside in -14 degrees (celcius) weather to capture macro snowflakes. This was the only photo that turned out. It’s actually not shot in B/W. The glove I used to catch falling slow happened to to be black. No flash, just the 100mm 2.8 L macro lens on my 60D.

Photoset: Winter Exploration

It snowed last week and on Saturday the sky was so nice and blue that me and dad decided to go exploring for interesting things to shoot in Mississauga.

For higher resolutions of the photos visit my Flickr.