My Irrational Fear of Losing Brain Cells

I’m a giant klutz and the other day I hit my head really hard on the headboard of my bed. Ouch. My next reaction was, “Shit! There goes more brain cells.” Ever since I first learned about the brain in grade 5, I have the fear of one day losing it all and turning stupid.

I don’t think normal people have an irrational fear of losing brain cells. I’m sure the radiation from my microwave or my cellphone, or the computer are great for the brain either, but I don’t hide from those. Maybe it’s because it seems to be a more indirect way of losing them than a bump on the head. I bump my head ALOT. My head’s too BIG too miss many objects.

At least the reason I lose them won’t because I don’t use my brain. Even though I am currently unemployed, I find various ways to keep it busy such as reading, or thinking up these ridiculous blog posts. I also own a billion oekaki and Sudoku puzzle books of which I do a puzzle from time to time. I also own a box full of math puzzles (by choice, and not because I’m asian), including Mensa Math Wizards. I don’t exercise the rest of my body much, but the brain is something I definitely do keep active on a regular basis.

Is the fear of not remembering things irrational? Maybe. Who knows, what if the next time I bump my head I forget this blog even exists? If posts ever stop appearing for a week, someone needs to wake me up and remind me.

3 thoughts on “My Irrational Fear of Losing Brain Cells

  1. i feel this way all the time. i was at camp over the summer and a girl gave me a piggyback ride around the dorms. when she put me down though, my head collided really hard with the corner of an air conditioning vent. i started crying and i was in so much pain. then the next day, with my head still throbbing, someone opened the door while i was standing by it and the handle rammed me in the same spot it was injured the day before. so from that day on, i’ve had this fear that I’ve gotten stupider due to loss of brain cells in those incidents and that my luck is just generally terrible.

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