New Makeup Brushes!

I’ve had the same makeup brushes for over 6 years. Though I took great care to clean them, they started to feel a bit hard on my skin so I decided to order a new set. I found the Shany 24 Goat & Badger brush set on Amazon for around $24 (CAD), which is an awesome deal. Just because you buy stores by some high end brand name doesn’t mean you’re always getting the best.

The brushes come in a faux-leather pouch great for travelling!


The brushes themselves each have a slot in the bag and come in protected cases. They’re all silky smooth. It even comes with a set of instructions to tell you what each brush is for (great for the novice make up artist). I own so much make-up and I can’t wait to continue playing around with it with these new brushes!

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