4 Day Workweeks


This summer, I’m trying something that I’ve never done before. I’m working almost 10 hours four days a week so that I could take an extra day off on Fridays.

This was the first week waking up before 7 to commute and getting home almost 12 hours later. I’m usually starving by the time I get home. If you ever do this: bring a lot of healthy snacks. I started to bring breakfast (oats and granola) and carrot sticks. Sometimes I’ll sneak chips in there but not too much or I feel sluggish (so not good for concentration).

Another useful tip to make the most out of my time was to plan meals ahead of time. That way I had either all the ingredients in the crockpot in the morning or had Nash help start dinner. Seriously, a lot of my life planning revolves around food.

Sleep is key, though I know not every night will be an early one, especially this summer. I do a lot of (different) work outside of my actual job too. Health is key, so I need to be aware of when I need food and rest. I’ve also been taking vitamin D supplements because I don’t get enough sunlight from being inside all day. It’s helped my energy improve over the past 6 months.

Adjusting to a new schedule is always difficult, but I’m sure I will love it tomorrow!

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