PWRBTTM and Call-Out Culture

This week rising queer-band PWR BTTM were outed as sexual abusers. I knew a lot of people who loved this band. Who would dazzle themselves in glitter and enjoy the so-called safe space of their shows.

It must be heartbreaking to find out that they’re not the people they thought they were. I watched this unfold from the sidelines as someone who is impartial since I never actually got around to listening to their music. Not a thing to brag about, just coincidence. But I do care about those that were emotionally affected.

It’s great that people are being informed about predators. However, I’ve seen too many people post on other people’s walls or try to message people in a vein of “LOOK WHAT YOUR FAV BAND DID”. If that’s you, please reconsider this. This news is everywhere, so the person would find out regardless, but it’s up to them to personally decide if they want to continue supporting the band, or if they will painfully let go of music they thought were from their allies. If they choose to remain silent until they can process it all, it’s their choice.

What exactly do you achieve for being the asshole who needs to personally ruin someone’s day?

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