Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon Backpack

I ordered his adorable Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon backpack recently. It’s faux leather, but still looks beautiful. I love the little moon charm and the Luna-like cat ears.

Inside, there is an Artemis and Luna pattern. I love finding things that are both nerdy and fashionable at the same time!

Pikachu Tamagotchi Pin

Ever since I went to the Pin & Patch Show, I’ve been really into looking at pin artists online. One of these artists is @reallybigdill who has a lot of adorable Pokémon pin crossovers.

I couldn’t resist this adorable Pikachu Tamagotchi pin. I almost wish it was a real virtual pet!

New Laptop Case

I bought this cute pink felt laptop case from Amazon. Ever since I went to the Pin + Patch show, I wanted something to pin. So I think this is perfect and also functional!

Went to a Pin + Patch Show

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Got some on brand pins

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Yesterday I attended the inaugural Pin & Patch Show. My friends and I arrived more than half an hour before doors but there were already 100 people ahead of us. The event took place at the former storefront for Magic Pony.

There were a lot of vendors and a huge turnout. I grabbed an adorable Pocky pin from Queenie’s Cards and a Gameboy pin from Pete Ellison. I had taken the last one they had (the display) so it was without packaging!

I need some ideas of things to pin that I can regularly show off. I don’t really have a jean jacket and a cork board is not optimal for showing it off. What do you pin?

New Gianni Renzi Shoes

I love leather sneakers. They give off a rockstar vibe. I had these Michael Kors ones with thin leather, but it started peeling. I noticed it was pretty bad yesterday (right before I had to work an Awards show), so I went to the store on a whim and bought these badass Gianni Renzi ones.

I have no regrets. The gold bling is worth every penny. They were a tad pricey, but the leather seems like a better quality than my old ones. I can’t wait to rock these with my wardrobe!

I said yes to a dress! 

Yesterday, my sister and I had a double wedding dress appointment at David’s Bridal. I had an idea of what I wanted, and a Vera Wang dress I bookmarked hoping to try on. However, I realized 10 minutes in that their display didn’t have it.

We leafed through dresses and I gave the stylist a list of things I wanted and didn’t want. The moment I tried on an Oleg Cassini with a lot of lace details, I was in love. It was in the higher range of what I was looking to spend, but no other dress I tried on could compare to the feeling of how I felt in it, and how my mom and sister thought it looked on me as well. I said yes to the dress and now I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with it and see what Nash thinks!

Now wedding planning seems a bit more real and my head is reeling with all the things I need to do next.

Pixel Pikachu x Uniqlo

I’m so happy to have this Pixel Pikachu shirt from Uniqlo. The line is all sold out here in Canada, but I got a good friend to order it online, ship it to the States and smuggle it up here.

I love this simple pika-shirt so much!

Uniqlo x Nintendo 

The Uniqlo x Nintendo collection launched his weekend. Our Canadian stores didn’t get too many of the designs but I managed to snag this adorable Pikachu shirt in large.

 I love to wear it like a dress. It also goes great with my Pikachu Loungefly backpack. Pikafashion is the best. 

Mackage Crossbody Bag

I needed a small purse for parties and weddings, so I recently bought one from Mackage that I’m so in love with that I just had to share it. It’s the ZOEY-ST Dual Mini studded crossbody bag. My favourite part is that it is secured by an arrow that is more than just a decoration.

Opening up the bag also reveals plenty of storage space for cards, phones and even a handy little mirror!

I love the studs and chains. It adds an edgy but classic feel.

I also happened to be buying the bag when there was a promotion going on and I got a free passport holder.

I love my new grown-up accessories.  I’ve been investing more lately into fashion pieces that I really love instead of cheap disposable things. This bag for sure will be used to death!

Sailor Moon Socks

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Sailor Moon + crew protecting my feet 🌙

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This is my favourite new Amazon find: Sailor Moon socks! I was super lazy to do laundry this week so I looked into ordering socks and ended up with these cool ones.