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Hopsooken Backpack

I was approached by Hopsooken to purchase a backpack on Amazon at a discounted price. $7.99 seemed like a deal for a backpack that could be compressed into a little pouch. I brought it with me on a few trips as an extra. When compressed, it’s like the size of a clutch. Expanded, it is…

New Glasses!

I haven’t worn glasses in years, which is strange because in grade 5 I would have trouble seeing the chalkboard. Then one day in high school, I decided not to wear them or I lost them (I honestly don’t know why I stopped wearing glasses) and the rest seems to be history. Weirdly, my eyes…

Doggy Print

This doggy print shirt completed my life #latergram #ootd A photo posted by Tiana Feng (@tianafeng) on Jul 19, 2016 at 9:22am PDT Simons, a department store from Quebec recently opened in Mississauga. My sister and I went scouring the racks last weekend. My favourite finds were a blouse and a shirt that both had…

Drake Pin

My latest accessory is this Drake Views pin from The Yetee. I ordered it a few months ago but it was on pre-order and took forever to ship. Now it’s here and I can bring this tiny 6 God with me. drakefashionpin


I’ve been into cool merch lately and I grabbed this interesting and slightly oversized hoodie from The Weeknd’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The giant hood lets me be an urban goth. I like the cut. The hoodie is unisex so ┬áit isn’t super fitted but has shape. The sleeves are super wide too in case you…


Cupcake Socks

Bought these new adorable cupcake socks last weekend at Bestival form Sock it To Me. Find me sporting them around at NXNE today and say hi! cupcake sockssock it to me

Current Colour: Hello Kitty OPI

I’m currently super obsessed with this nail polish colour from OPI called Spoken From The Heart, from the Hello Kitty collection. It’s a bright pink that is summery and pops but also super fashionable. hello kittynail polishopi