Enjoying Nature

Yesterday I set up camp at River & Sky festival. This community festival is more like real camping than others I have been to.

I woke up a little eaten by bugs but it is an ok tradeoff for such a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. For the first real time last night, I looked up at the stars and saw galaxies full of them. I found the Big Dipper and appreciated all the natural bright lights in the sky.

In the city, the skies are frequently polluted with airplanes but here they were natures decorations.

There's not much cellphone signal here but I am okay with that!

Headed to River & Sky!

I’m going to be somewhat off the grid this weekend (or I don’t know what reception is like). I’m headed to River & Sky Festival which takes place in Field, Ontario (wherever that is). It’s around a 4 hour drive from Toronto, and we headed out bright and early at 6am.

Daily blogging but get a bit hard but I’ll see what my reception can handle! Otherwise, see you on the other side!

Making the Most of the Night at #CRJProm

Last night, my friends and I had front row tickets to see Carly Rae Jepsen play with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

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The @exclaimdotca #crjprom photo

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Before the show, we dressed up and had a mini prom party at a friend’s house. It was a fun surprise when we found out CRJ noticed our prom party and actually shared it with all her followers.

I’m still freaking out about this hahaha.

The show itself was pure joy. It was cool to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra do arrangements of her biggest hits. We had a moment during “Call Me Maybe” where she sang directly to us in the front row for a moment. The way performs with huge smiles and a positive attitude stole all our hearts. We couldn’t resist getting up to dance, which is probably abnormal for normal orchestra concerts.

These pop-orchestra crossovers hopefully encourage younger people to go see the TSO. Back when I was in choir, we performed the entire Mozart’s Requiem with the TSO. It was a lot of hard work, but it was one of the coolest experiences.

Anyways, after the CRJ concert, we topped it off by heading to The Abbey for karaoke. They only had a few Carly songs but by the end of the night, we treated the entire bar to all of them. #CRJprom was perfect.


Explore Canada’s Parks Free This Year


This year is Canada’s 150th birthday and to celebrate Parks Canada is giving away Free Parks Discover Passes for the year!

I ordered mine and it already arrived in the mail. I hope to explore Canada’s beautiful nature sites once the weather gets warmer.

We Brought a Pug Into Galleria Mall and Saw Snakes

This is Lana in a bag.

Last weekend, my friends and I snuck a pug into Galleria Mall. We really wanted to go take a photo with Galleria Santa Claus and see this snake show going on. How those two things relate, or why someone decided that snakes was appropriate as a Christmas activity I will never know.

Anyways there really was snakes in the mall:

img_6220 img_6216 img_6211 And this very unimpressed looking snapping turtle.

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These little girls are my heroes lol

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We saw these adorable little girls who really wanted to touch all the snakes. They are braver than we were.

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I'm in these photos I swear

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We attempted a 3 person + pug photo booth but I came as darkness in the background.

A real Santa photo did happen but not in the sad Gallery castle that I wanted. He happened to be in the Reimagine Galleria centre.

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I look like I am going to burn down your house

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Anyways, Galleria Mall is such a special place and I really hope that they keep the small businesses, and the unique qualities that make it memorable.


Last Day of FME

I can’t believe it is Sunday already. I am loving it here in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec so it will be bittersweet to have to return home tomorrow.

I have a ton of photos to share from my trip so the next week is going to be full of posts about my adventures. 

Found my WayHome

Last weekend, I attended WayHome music festival in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. I finally have all the photos and reviews up on Ride the Tempo. Read them here.

I’ll have a food and non-musical adventure wrap-up of the fest soon!

My First Atomic Lollipop



Nash and I attended our first ever Atomic Lollipop this past Friday and Saturday. It’s a unique convention that was a mixture of Comicon, Anime North with the 90s mixed in.



DSCF1618There were many stores and shops with cute things to buy.

DSCF1624A game room with video game consoles from all eras including duck hunt (which we were super terrible at). I still can’t understand how to aim.

DSCF1627Friday night, they brought to life the Much Video Dance parties of my high school days. Later in the night, it filled up with the people dancing to the music of their childhood. I saw videos from the Venga Boys, Eiffel 65 and Chumbawamba.


DSCF1634Areas of the science centre were open to us so we played around with this age testing machine.

DSCF1636Nash checking out a hologram heart.


DSCF1664There was a nerd circus where the performers all cosplayed!


DSCF1688We participated in a POG tournament. Do you remember pogs? The real game was harder than I remembered! We got crushed by a girl who could flip the entire stack at once.




The hilariously costumed Tupperware Remix Party provided soundtracked a glittery dance party.

DSCF1721Ghetto Mario Kart was the best. It was literally RC cars with knives and balloons taped together. Let’s try this at home.







DSCF1741There were so many adorable things to buy! I picked up this adorable food bracelet. How could I not??


DSCF1738There was free retro arcade games and pinball machines. That Star Wars pinball was super hard.


DSCF1746This guy truly gave crap advice.

DSCF1747Cold brew coffee paired well with the hot weather.




DSCF1763We played archery tag. It was my first time trying archery and I wasn’t very good at aiming but it was so much fun! They provided us with 10 minutes of training before we were headed off for a game of tag with 10 people.


DSCF1770Nash sat on a panel where he was a Pokemon master and described how to draw a Pokemon to someone who has no idea what they looked like.

DSCF1773Can you guess what Pokemon these guys are?


DSCF1783There was a nerf gun battle on Saturday night. Unfortunately we didn’t bring any guns but we observed people shooting each other for a bit.

Saturday’s evening entertainment included Elijah Wood DJing with his duo Wooden Wisdom.





Then one of my 90s dreams came true and I saw Prozzak reunite! REMEMBER PROZZAK?!








Before heading out we saw the fire circus performance which thankfully waited for all the Prozzak fans to be done!




Atomic Lollipop was truly a magical experience and I’m looking forward to what adventures they’ll bring next year.

Passed Halfway


Cheers! This is my 184th blog post in a row this year. That means I’ve more than passed blogging every day for the entire year. The most incredible part is my best friend has also achieved this goal.

It hasn’t been easy. The last month and a half or so have been some of the craziest in terms of work and festivals. There were a couple of times where I became super close to forgetting (like seriously I was blogging at 11pm) but I managed to get in a post every day. Having a smartphone really helps when you are in a bind. The WordPress app for iOS isn’t perfect, but it’s sufficient enough to at least upload a photo and type some words.

Though sometimes the quality isn’t the greatest, I am super happy with all my posts. I have become less critical about publishing my work and find it a lot easier to speak my mind. I like to write down ideas (or even entire posts) as soon as they come to mind, so a lot of my writing has been happening on the go on my phone. I contemplate carrying around a notebook (and you know I love Moleskines) but having a digital notebook in my pocket is just so convenient.

The summer business stretch isn’t over yet! But I’m not quitting. Besides the busier I am, the more ideas and photos I have to blog about! It’s a win win.

Life is a continuous adventure and I love sharing it with all you here.

Video Round-Up: Fail Nails, A Normal Monday, Wavelength Pre-Party

Another 3 Vlogs up on Youtube. First I tried that dumb nail kit:

Then I had a pretty boring Monday

And lastly I went to the Wavelength pre-party show with Speed Ortiz, HSY and WISH