Dressing Up Running Shoes


I love wearing running shoes and sneakers, mostly because I have wide feet and they are some of the only shoes that are not pointy at the toes. I usually wear Sketchers because they are comfortable but their bright colours make them slightly obnoxious for work.

Then I saw these beautiful Michael Kors Allie leather sneakers. The exterior is leather and there are tiny silver accents. They make a runner look so upscale and are comfortable too! Now I can be stylish and comfy.

Michael Kors Backpack


Last night, I purchased my first thing ever at Holt Renfrew. It’s not my usual shopping destination by any means but I really loved Michael Kors’ line of Rhea backpacks and I found one I had my heart set on there. The only problem was I had no clue how to buy anything at Holtz. I just kind of stood and stared at the backpack until someone asked me if I wanted help. They were super nice and even offered me water.

So now I’m a proud owner of the cutest edgy backpack (that I will use in lieu of my dying purse). It even fits my DSLR! Quality pieces you love are always worth purchasing once in a while.