Pikachu Tamagotchi Pin

Ever since I went to the Pin & Patch Show, I’ve been really into looking at pin artists online. One of these artists is @reallybigdill who has a lot of adorable Pokémon pin crossovers.

I couldn’t resist this adorable Pikachu Tamagotchi pin. I almost wish it was a real virtual pet!

In love with my new pin from @reallybigdill 😍#pikachu #pin

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Pikachu x Tonymoly Blusher

Another addition to my Pokemon x Tonymoly collection is this adorable liquid blush. Like the cover cushion, it also has a Pokéball applicator. However, I prefer to use my fingers so that I don’t waste half the product on the sponge.

I bought the darkest colour, and don’t need too much for the effect. It has a light smell that is kind of like cherries. It’s buildable, so I can make myself a Pikachu if I really want. 

I love how all these products have great packaging and actually work!

Tonymoly x Pokemon Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion

When I want light coverage lately, I’m loving my Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion. It goes on light to hide imperfections but makes it look like it is still my skin.

The packing is super cute. The cushion applicator is a Pokéball and the front is a smiling Pikachu.

The best products are both cute and functional!

Pokémon x Tonymoly Lip Tint

Lip tints are really big in Asian beauty at the moment. They give you the adorable look of eating a coloured popsicle with a slight gradient. The method is to put it toward the center of your lip and blend outward.

This Pokémon one opens up like a nail polish and applies smoothly and isn’t sticky. It also has a decent staying power compared with lip glosses.

It also has the bonus of having Pikachu on the packaging so scores high for me on all areas!


I got this adorable Mimikyu stuffed animal on Aliexpress for $6! It turned out to be decent quality and looks just exactly like a Mimikyu.

Simpsons x Pokemon GO

Omg, I’ve been catching up on new Simpsons episodes over the weekend and I’m quite obsessed with the silliness of their Pokémon GO parody (which they call Peekimon Get). I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until now!

Check out a compilation of footage below:

Pokemon x Tonymoly Yellow Nail Polish

I couldn’t resist this Psyduck nail polish from the Pokémon x Tony Moly collection. I don’t know if I can pull of yellow, but I will definitely try it once the final bits of shellac come of my nails.

Pikachu x Tonymoly Eyeshadow

I finally found some Pokémon x Tonymoly stuff at my local Korean grocery store (in the cosmetics section). I couldn’t resist this Pikachu eyeshadow.

The shadows are sparkly neutral browns. It’ll definitely be a frequently used palette as neutral colours are great for work and pretty much any occasion.

Here’s a quick photo with a blend of the first and third colour. The colours are very smooth and decent quality. I wasn’t expecting much more than the packaging but Tonymoly never disappoints!

Pokemon Jumper

When I ordered my Pikachu backpack, Japan LA also sent me a free Pokemon Jumper as part of a promotion. It’s like the comfiest and most random thing, but going to the washroom in one of these is still a mystery.

Mini Block Pikachu


I finally found a Mini Block Pikachu at Mr Pen.


They tend to have random characters available, so I had to pick up Pikachu! This wasn’t an official Nanoblock, but close enough.


There were tons of extra pieces and straightforward instructions. It was much easier than some of the others I had built.