Life After School is a Little Bit Scary

On Saturday, I officially graduated from Metalworks Institute, ending once and for all my life as a student. Now what?

Over the past few months, I have been trying to find my place in terms of what specifically I am looking for as a job. I can’t seem to settle for anything less than something that get’s me closer to the dream job. One that won’t feel like work. In the words of Alan Cross, a job that will make me feel like I’m 22 forever, although I’m already 23.

It’s weird to be out of school and under/unemployed. At least I have things to keep me occupied while I a waiting to land a job. I have the piano, a new camera, various hobbies (like writing) and my music blog which is coming closer to being something more. The aspect of starting my own business is becoming more and more a reality. I am excited, thrilled and well scared.

The night of graduation I won 2 pretty awesome awards. One was a mentor opportunity with Allan Reid, General Manager of Maple Music and former Senior VP A&R at Universal Music. I’m looking forward to learning new things.

The other was an Entertainment Marketing award and the prize was $300 to spend on Music Books Plus. I’m looking forward to reading industry books and increasing my piano repertoire library.

The future has limitless possibilities. It’s a life-long learning process. It’s a little bit scary because it is still unknown, but that’s what makes it exciting. All I know is that I’m headed somewhere awesome.

3 thoughts on “Life After School is a Little Bit Scary

  1. Love Ya Tiana! Congrats and know that we’re all here beside ya standing together walking into the future! Any time you need anything and think I could help never hesitate to ask! To the future and beyond!!

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