Things I Learnt From Silver Linings Playbook


After hearing all the award nominations for Silver Linings Playbook, I thought I’d give it a chance. Otherwise, I don’t usually go out to see romantic comedies. I have to admit I like it more than I thought.

Here are some things I learnt from the movie (warning may contain spoilers):

– If you stalk someone enough they will fall in love with you
– Lie if you can’t get what you want
– All the books you were forced to read in school are depressing.
– Sometimes your lies might turn into truths
– Superstitious routines actually work.
– It’s okay to bet your life savings on things.
– Dancing with another woman may win you your ex-wife back
– Mental institutions are racist because they seem to keep sending Chris Tucker back with no explanation.
– “Excelsior!” is actually the New York motto

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