Why I Bought A Mirrorless Camera

fujifilmA few weeks ago, I compulsively bought the Fujifilm x100t, a compact mirrorless camera. It was the second day of Bestival, and I had spent the first day lugging around a DSLR after I was told that photo passes were super limited. I still wanted to have access to a decent camera the second day but knew that it wasn’t worth carrying my entire DSLR kit.

Fast forward few weeks later and I regret nothing of my compulsive buy. This camera is amazing. The 23mm fixed lens has an aperture of f2 so it has great possibilities. The 35mm lens used to be one of my favourites on my DSLR and this is the equivalent on a crop frame. Sure, I can’t zoom but the limitations allows to be a more creative photographer.

That being said, this camera is super sharp, works better at times than my 60D in low light and is so super light that I can carry around everyday. Now there’s no excuse for my social media and blog photos not to be perfect quality!

Here are some sample shots:
Fucked Up @ Adelaide Hall 6/20/2015 #NXNE2015
Banks @ Bestival Day 2 6/13/2015
水中ブランコ (Suichu Blanco) @ The Silver Dollar 6/17/2015 #NXNE2015
Cathedrals @ Adelaide Hall 6/18/2015 #NXNE2015
Bestival 2015

As you can see this is one powerful little camera!

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