Bandit Brewery

I went to Bandit Brewery recently for a flight of beers and some snacks. The place has a raccoon theme so all their glasses have faces and you can even buy fun posters of the beer labels in their Bottle Shop.

I had a flight of four beers: I had the Citra, Hoppelganger, Mr. Pink and Dundas West IPA. They serve it in the order that they recommend you drink them. My favourite was Mr. Pink, a flavourful hibiscus and ginger pale ale.

It was around lunch time, so I had a few snacks: Fresh Cut Russets and Beer Battered cheese curds.

The cheese curds with homemade ranch dressing were to die for and the perfect beer snack. The fries were covered in parmesan and a served with a lovely garlic mayo.

I loved the concept of this brewery and they even have funny identifications of their patrons!

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Broadhead’s Grindstone Amber Ale

While I was in Ottawa, I tried to find some local beer at the closest LCBO and only found this amber ale from Broadhead.

I enjoyed the flavour that hit in just the right places. There was a tinge of sweetness and a drinkable malt. Bold without being too bold.

Craft Brews: Grow a Pear, Lemon Tea Beer, Hopping Mad, Peach Mead

I love trying craft brews, especially the ones with awesome packaging and branding. Here are a few that I picked up recently.


Grow A Tree pear cider from Double Tree brewing. This one was sweet but had a tartness that made it stand out from other pear ciders which are usually way too sweet.


This Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer was smoother than regular beer but I honestly couldn’t really taste the lemon in it.


Central City’s Hopping Mad Cider Radler was an cool blend of apple and grapefruit. It was kind of like fruit punch and went down super easy.


I bought this Peach Mead for Nash by The Trafalgar Club. If you want to feel a buzz this thing is like 8.5%. It’s a beautiful blend of honey and peach and recommended you drink this one chilled.

Maple Porter, Seagram Apple Cider, Hopsta La Vista


I had the pleasure of visiting the Summerhill LCBO, which is like the biggest LCBO I have ever seen. It even has a huge craft beer alcove dedicated to located craft beers. They even have growlers. I decided to pick up a few tall cans I had not seen anywhere else. First I tried the Maple Porter made with real Canadian maple syrup. It really lived by it’s name as there was a hint of maple in every sip. Fans of darker beer may enjoy this one for it’s sweetness. Not sure why I started the evening with this one as it is a heavy hitter.


Anyways, next was this Seagram apple cider. It was sweet and not dry.


I legitimately bought this India Pale Ale because it had a dude that looked like my friend’s face on it. It contained nice hops but was very smooth and light at the same time. It had sweet notes but also had a malty side.

Wenona Craft Beer Lodge

We wanted to watch that epic Game 5 at Tallboys but it was unfortunately packed by the time I got out of work. I decided to head over to their other restaurant Wenona a few blocks west. It has the same great craft beer, but a different type of menu. I ordered the sliders and choose to mix up pulled pork and brisket. There was also the option vegetarian but I don’t need that! The sliders were served on a steamed bao instead of a regular bun which was a nice twist. I chose to eat mine with crunchy fries.


I also had an order of plantain chips which were like bruschetta on fried plantains instead of bread.



Nash had Catch of the Day, fish and chips battered with Trailhead beer.


My drink of the night was Brickworks 501 semi-sweet cider.


I couldn’t resist getting their smores for dessert! It’s warm baked marshmallows and chocolate served with some graham crackers of course.

This place is still relatively new but it has a lovely homey vibe and is definitely a great place to watch the game that not many people around the block know about yet!

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Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale


Now that Autumn is approaching, pumpkin things are hitting the shelves again. I found this gigantic bottle of Great Lakes Brewery Pumpkin ale at my local LCBO for $4.95, a great deal for a limited edition thing.

It has hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and all spice, and of course a generous amount of pumpkin, all the flavours that make you think of Fall. This is definitely in my top list of pumpkin flavoured things!


Pommies Farmhouse Cider

Pommies Farmhouse Cider comes from Calendon, Ontario. It’s a dry cider that has a light colour of white wine. It’s tart and slightly weird. I thought it was okay, but not my preferred cider taste. I prefer my ciders with a bit more punch.

All or Nothing Hopfenweise

I’m continuing my journey to try beers with cool casings and so I bought Underdogs Brewhouse’s All or Nothing Hopfenweise. It has assertive hops but a sweet, citrus-like flavour. This one went down easy but wasn’t shy on the flavour!

Crazy Beard Apple Ale


I love our selection of local beers, especially when they have crazy designs like this Crazy Beard Wild Apple Ale brewed in Ottawa, Ontario.

Despite having apples, Crazy Beard is not a cider, it is a malt barely ale. The sweet apple taste does make it resemble a cider and it goes down super easy. The art might be a bit crazy but it’s super delicious!

Beer From Gigantic Brewing


I couldn’t resist buying this beer from Gigantic Brewing Company because it has a robot on it! The craft brewery is based in Portland Oregon and have other robot beers but this particular IPA is year round.


I also adored the B-Side Brewing label that described the collective as a record label but for beer. Hope to try some more cool beers from them soon.

This particular IPA was super bold and dark. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart and packs a punch like the robot on the label.