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Bandit Brewery

I went to Bandit Brewery recently for a flight of beers and some snacks. The place has a raccoon theme so all their glasses have faces and you can even buy fun posters of the beer labels in their Bottle Shop. I had a flight of four beers: I had the Citra, Hoppelganger, Mr. Pink…

Broadhead’s Grindstone Amber Ale

While I was in Ottawa, I tried to find some local beer at the closest LCBO and only found this amber ale from Broadhead. I enjoyed the flavour that hit in just the right places. There was a tinge of sweetness and a drinkable malt. Bold without being too bold. beerbroadheaddrinks

Wenona Craft Beer Lodge

We wanted to watch that epic Game 5 at Tallboys but it was unfortunately packed by the time I got out of work. I decided to head over to their other restaurant Wenona a few blocks west. It has the same great craft beer, but a different type of menu. I ordered the sliders and…

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale

Now that Autumn is approaching, pumpkin things are hitting the shelves again. I found this gigantic bottle of Great Lakes Brewery Pumpkin ale at my local LCBO for $4.95, a great deal for a limited edition thing. It has hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and all spice, and of course a generous amount of pumpkin,…

Pommies Farmhouse Cider

Pommies Farmhouse Cider comes from Calendon, Ontario. It’s a dry cider that has a light colour of white wine. It’s tart and slightly weird. I thought it was okay, but not my preferred cider taste. I prefer my ciders with a bit more punch. alcoholbeerciderfood

All or Nothing Hopfenweise

I’m continuing my journey to try beers with cool casings and so I bought Underdogs Brewhouse’s All or Nothing Hopfenweise. It has assertive hops but a sweet, citrus-like flavour. This one went down easy but wasn’t shy on the flavour! beerunderdogs brewhouse

Crazy Beard Apple Ale

I love our selection of local beers, especially when they have crazy designs like this Crazy Beard Wild Apple Ale brewed in Ottawa, Ontario. Despite having apples, Crazy Beard is not a cider, it is a malt barely ale. The sweet apple taste does make it resemble a cider and it goes down super easy. The…

Beer From Gigantic Brewing

I couldn’t resist buying this beer from Gigantic Brewing Company because it has a robot on it! The craft brewery is based in Portland Oregon and have other robot beers but this particular IPA is year round. I also adored the B-Side Brewing label that described the collective as a record label but for beer. Hope…