Pokemon Shirts at Society 6


Over the holidays I ordered a few T-shirts from Society 6 by an artist named PaperBeatScissors. This one has all the Pokemon from the old games!


And I got Nash a shirt full of Smash Bros characters.

Aren’t they both adorable? I love buying original printed shirts online (but can’t this month because it is part of my 30 Day Challenge).

Power Wallet



My favourite new daily accessory is the Power Wallet from The Photojojo. It’s a super functional faux-leather wallet/clutch that has a built in battery for charging my phone.




Inside it came with instructions and an adapter for my iPhone 5S. The battery can be charged by plugging the USB end to your computer or Apple blocks. On full charge, the wallet can charge around 1 and a half iPhones to full.



The phone fits right in when you are charging it so you can use it as a mini clutch. There are also many slots and sections for coins, cash and cards. Now I’m ready for a night on the town without my phone dying on me!

Found Treasure: My World Map Desk

probably should have moved all those cords for the photo
probably should have moved all those cords for the photo

When I moved out on my own to downtown Toronto in October, I literally had no furniture of my own. Most of my apartment was furnished by IKEA and Walmart. My favourite piece of furniture however, was found. It was a wooden desk with a world map as its table top.


Dad found it the week I was about to move out. The neighbours across the street had chucked it to the curb. He knew he had to sweep it up right away. The desk was in perfect condition with hardly any scuffs. It was also very clean. However, a closer glance at the tabletop would prove that it may be retro considering the divides in Europe reflect that of the 50s.



I love it though. It serves as a great place for inspirational thoughts and artistic creations.