Pampering Myself

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Shorter cut for summer by @proudestpony 💇🏻

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I had an awesome day off today. First I went to Anatomica to get a massage and had a haircut at Proudest Pony. Then I found out that UberEats was deliver free icecream!


An icecream car with flags came to my front step.

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Thanks @ubereats for the free Icecream!!

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And I was gifted with Magnum Double Raspberry Icecream bars. Yum!

This Friday is coming up Tiana!

Sweet Jesus


I finally made the trip down to the popular church of soft serve Sweet Jesus.


We waited half an hour in line causing the nearby TIFF goers to ask what movie we were lining up for. “Icecream,” I replied.

DSCF3799 DSCF3795

The space inside was relatively small with bags of sugar on display beside their giant menu.


They have other offerings such as popsicles, coffee and pie but of course were were their for the infamous soft serve. Funny enough we’ve actually already tried two of the flavours when we visited Home of the Brave, which has a partnership with them or something.

DSCF3801I had the Smores soft-serve which had graham cracker crumble, burnt marshmallows, chocolate sauce on top of a chocolate ice cream. It was a nice twist on a classic! Can’t ever go wrong with Smores.


My friend Steph ordered The Elvis which was peanut butter and bacon on top of a banana soft serve. I thought it was a little bit weird and wasn’t really a fan of their banana flavour. It wasn’t like a fruity banana flavour, more like the yellow antibiotics you have when you are sick. This was our least favourite of them.


Her sister order the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich which was a vanilla icecream, strawberry jam and toast. This one was our favourite. The little pieces of toast worked so well with the salted peanut butter and sweet jam.

It was totally worth the line, but just skip the banana.
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I Made My Boyfriend Eat Sushi @ Rikishi

photo 2In the years we’ve dated so far, I have never actually eaten sushi with Nash. He had always said he wasn’t a fan or that he didn’t particularly enjoy salmon in general. Anyways, for some reason he changed his mind and we ended up at Rikishi around Ossington Station. We found the menu endearing in the fact that there were many spelling errors including “Riquer” instead of liqueurs. Instead of Bento meals, we took the pricier route and ordered a bunch of small things.

We sampled two sushi rolls, the spicey salmon and spicy scallop (pictured above). Nash said he couldn’t taste the salmon (which I guess is a good thing since he doesn’t normally like it). Even when you dipped them in soy-sauce the scallop and salmon were battered enough that it was still crunchy.

photo 3We also ordered the fried squid which was lightly battered and not heavy at all. There was also a generous portion for the price.

photo 4Out of curiosity I asked for the “Seafood-foil-yaki” (yes the actual name), which was literally a piece of buttered shrimp, scallop, salmon, onions wrapped in foil. It was my least favourite of the dishes but I was curious as to what it was and it was quite literal to its name.

photo 5 I also got this raw octopus salad dish. It came in a sweet and sour dressing, much like the pickled carrots and radish that it included. Raw octopus is actually less fishy as you might expect.

photo 1 I had a mini glass of plum wine. It was sweeter than the ones I have tried in the past.

photoFor dessert, me and Nash had icecream. He had green tea and I opted for pumpkin out of curiosity as to what that would taste like. It was very sweet, a lot like custard but with a pumpkin-like texture. It actually be my new favourite flavour of icecream.

The bill was around $44. Considering we ordered from an A La Carte menu, with alcoholic drinks and dessert this was a fair price for a decent meal.

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Rotis and Gelato Mochaccino

As I previously mentioned, I want to eat at least 25 new things this year. I wasn’t sure about how to go about it, but then I realized Toronto is full of culturally unique restaurants that are worth the visit. So instead of opting for burgers and poutine all the time, I will venture into the unknown.

Yesterday, I tried out Bacchus Roti Shop located in the Parkdale area downtown Toronto. A roti is a type of south-asian wrap but it also consumed in areas such as the Southern Caribbean and Guyana. I ordered the jerk chicken roti which also contained spinach and squash. At $12.50, it was deliciously filling with a fiery kick to it. Nash ordered the shrimp roti with spinach and cheese. It had a nice creamy texture to it.
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After dinner, we had a ton of time to kill before door times for a concert. Instead of searching for the nearest Second Cup we decided to try one of the local coffee shops. We ended up in The Boreal Gelato Company. I ordered a mochaccino and they made it with a scoop of chocolate gelato! It was had a lovely aroma and chocolate taste. We also got a hazelnut gelato that was to die for. It was like Ferrero Rocher (my favourite chocolate by the way) in ice cream form!

So far my food adventuring has taught me to try new things, because you never know what delicious things you are missing!

Is Nestle C[RAVE] An Ice Cream or A Shake?

When I went grocery shopping last weekend, I found in the sale section, the Nestle C[RAVE]. They were discounted to 50 cents each and came in the shape of the mini ice creams you can buy at the convenient stores. I bought a chocolate one and a strawberry one.

I tried the chocolate one first. It was a soft and mousse-like ice cream. At 325 calories for the entire container, it was a pretty decent tasting. It tasted pretty much like regular chocolate ice cream. Then my sister opened my strawberry and it was completely watery and melted. However, there isn’t very much information on the containers or any of the Nestle websites that tell you it’s supposed to be ice cream. In fact, at the store and online they are labeled as Nestle C[RAVE] shakes. So, was that supposed to be melted?

I am rather confused.

We went back the next day (because they are still on sale), to buy more of them. We figured maybe we picked up one defected one. This time, we squeezed the containers and didn’t pick any that seemed way too soft to be ice cream. Many of them were “melted”. Part of me still wonders if they are supposed to be that way to live up to the shake aspect of the name. We chose to pretend they’re ice cream and went for the more frozen ones.

Does anybody out there know what they really are? If it is a shake, it makes a lousy one. If it’s ice cream, it makes a yummy dietary conscious one.