More Funny Simpsons Books

Here are some more funny Simpsons books from my Tumblr!

100+ Simpsons Books Collected So Far

Last month, I started a random Tumblr that collects books seen on the Simpsons. Ever since I started doing this, every episode has at least one, either a real, parody or books you wish existed. I’ve already posted over 100.

Here are a few of my favourites:




Simpsons Books

I seriously couldn’t believe that this wasn’t already a thing so I made this Tumblr.

Taking over One Week One Band This Week!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be taking over One Week One Band for a couple days to talk about Canadian chamber-pop group Ohbijou.

The site’s a really cool platform for music writers to swoon over bands they’re passionate about for a week. I’m so excited for the opportunity to contribute.

Curating Awesome On Tumblr


Recently, I made a personal Tumblr page. Obviously, I’ve used Tumblr before but they were all for clients or themed websites like photos of my dog, music, pokemon chibis, elegant books and of course my photography blog. I previously never saw the value of having a page for reblogging or sharing whatever tickled my curiosities. Then I made one.

Interestingly, I’ve gained a modest following in the short time I’ve had it. I didn’t think people would find my content curation that interesting, but apparently they do! I mix in both original (that I’ve created) and things others made that I find interesting, inspiring or just down right entertaining. I’m also going to be venturing into the world of graphic design and creative photography projects I’ve been wanting to attempt for a while. Don’t worry I’m not leaving this place! Tumblr is just quicker and easier for sharing things instantly. I’ll probably share the projects here, once they are more refined (don’t want to bog you guys down!).

Looking at other people’s Tumblrs, I find it fascinating that even blogs with a huge reblog ratio have a certain personality and character. Now in using it, I totally understand why the network is popular, beyond humour blogs.

You can find me on Tumblr at

Introducing.. Tracks Only

As you know, I run music blog Ride the Tempo, which promotes independent Canadian music. I decided today to launch at Tumblr┬ácalled Tracks Only,┬áto have a platform for quickly sharing some of the great non-Canadian music that I find. It’ll be tracks only, letting the music speak for itself.




Photo Blogging on Tumblr

I learnt last week that Tumblr is now the 9th largest site in America and that I should probably start using it to my advantage. As you know, I am no stranger to Tumblr. Teddy’s Tumblr was a very successful experiment that I will continue and I have one for doodles which I update very once in a while.

However, I never really had one that showcased any of my photography skills. My Flickr is also too jam packed with concert photos that nobody really knows I can take photos of other things. I have been posting my non-concert photo sets on this blog in the past (and will probably continue doing so), but if you can’t get enough photography I also now have a daily photo blog at

Dear Pinterest, You Used to Be Cool

I remembered when Pinterest was beta and it was like an exclusive club where recipes and ideas were shared visually. I loved it. It was a place to look for inspiration when it came to food, crafts, fashion and decorations. Now it almost seems nothing more than another place where people can advertise.

Too Many Subscriptions

As you may or may not know, I LOVE my social networks. I’m on pretty much everything that anybody actually uses and I actually try to actively keep up with them. If I follow or list you on Twitter, I read about 75% of tweets that go through my timelines. Now with this Facebook timeline thing, I’m sort of doing the same on Facebook as well. I’m pretty much up to date on everything, so much that if you were to ever show me a new meme, I’ve probably already seen it hours or even days ago.

Tumblr is Not Twitter

I’ve been noticing a growing amount of my friends with “blogs” or what they say are blogs but in reality are just re-posts of photographs, or quotes. This reminds me a great deal of Twitter retweets. It might be Tumblr’s intention to act as Twitter’s visual competition but I preferred it more as a quick and simple blogging platform. I mean, why would I follow a blog that just reblogs others when I can follow the ones that create original content? Maybe people prefer the visual aspect of Tumblr, but now there is also Google + which introduces the same idea of a visual Twitter.. but even on twitter I don’t follow people that just retweet. Be original!

I am a user of Tumblr, but because I love the simplicity of it for my comic blog. I love when my stuff gets reblogged. I follow a fair amount of original twitters such as Accidental Penis and FOR MOTHER VOLCANO BAKEMEAT which are awesome and original ideas for blogs. I guess this is a semi-rant to those with blogs that only reblog. Why would I follow you? You might be awesome at collecting neat stuff (photos, quotes, videos, jokes), but so am I.

Do you follow blogs that reblog? Why?