Magikarp Jump

I just downloaded the goofiest game on my phone called Magikarp Jump! As a Pokémon lover, I couldn’t resist something themed around the most useless Pokémon of all!

The game is pretty strange, the premise is to train Magikarps to jump higher and higher. It’s almost like a more adorable version of those fish collecting games, except really you are just collecting Magikarps.

Simpsons Books is Now on Instagram

My Simpsons Books tumblr is gaining a decent following, so I decided to also put it on Instagram at @simpsonsbooks.

I’m surprised someone wasn’t doing this already!

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Simpsons Books Never End

I’m still continually finding new books in episodes of The Simpsons! Here are more of my favourites:

It’s Okay To Disconnect If You Need It

There’s so much going on in the world that I start to constantly feel guilt that I am not paying attention 24/7. Anxiety is feeding on more anxiety and I know that it’s not healthy.

Being connected has always been a part of my personal life and work, but now more than ever I am trying to convince myself that it’s ok if I need time off. To stop reading, if only for a few hours.

I’ve been more politically active online and offline (through donations), but it’s ok to take care of myself too. To force myself offline for a bit, I’ve committed to more activities with friends like Monday night trivia at the bar (no phones allowed) and Board Game nights. Breaks alone are important too (but easier to catch myself back on the computer).

Does anybody else feel like they must be glued to screens at all time or feel insane FOMO/guilt? I’m here to tell you you’re not alone.

Use Your Voice For Good

As the world South of the border starts to look grim, I’ve been anxious to get more and more involved. A start has been using my voice more online. I’ve always avoided being political most of the time, but if everyone thought that way there would be no change.

I really appreciated a lot of celebrities using their fame to speak out and raise funds for notable causes.

Now is the time to be on the side of history that you want to be remembered for.

Meitu Photo App

I am not sure why but I saw all these hilariously filtered photos all over social media made with the app Meitu. I couldn’t resist trying it myself!

My favourite were the filters that looked like drawings.

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Lmao this app is killing me #meitu

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I think I could totally rock this look in real life:



Teddy’s Adventures

For those of you who love my dog Teddy, he has his own Instagram account! You can follow him at @bichonteddy.

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This white stuff is delicious

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Can I has? 🍔

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Digging for treasure in bed

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More Funny Simpsons Books

Here are some more funny Simpsons books from my Tumblr!

Instagram Best 9 of 2016

I did the 2016 Best 9 thing for Instagram and all my most liked photos seem to be rather solitary activities like listening to vinyl, the dog, landscape and of course selfies. Only 2/9 are concert related photos which was super surprising!

I’ve had an eventful 2016 and I hope 2017 will be even better!

Facebook Messenger Instant Games 

Recently, Facebook announced HTML 5 games that you can play with your friends in Messengser.

When you are playing with one person the competition is friendly.

However, it can get intense in a group chat! It is definitely a bit more heated. I only hope that they will turn off notifications every time someone plays a game. I only want to know if you beat me!

Now time to play some word games.