Skittles Addiction: A Review of the Other Flavours

This post is in no way endorsed by Skittles. I wish it was, and I could have an unlimited supply of them.

I don’t exactly remember if it was out of boredom or if it was all the fault of @vseanv but I have been reunited with my favourite hard candies, and rather addicted. The school vending machine had the Sour, Blenders and Crazy Core Skittles so I had all of these this week. Today I had a giant pack of the original. I love the predictable flavours of cherry, orange and grape. Lemon and lime I’m not really a fan of, so I gave them away.

As I learned this week, everyone has different tastes and different preferences for flavours, but I’m going to review some of the other packs.

This is the newest pack of the flavoured candies. I think they were created to represent the mixed drinks of summer. The title Blenders come from the fact they are flavours blended together to one. Pink is Strawberry Lime. Red is Cherry Tropicolada. Green is Green Apple Watermelon Freeze. Peach is Mango Lemonade. Blue is Melonberry blast. The colours are all light pastel and cute looking so I was attracted to the packaging. The flavours however were only “okay”. I usually jump over weird flavours but these were either too subtle (like I couldn’t tell the difference between them or they were completely disgusting. The blue one was the worst, it taste like bitter melon. I had a friend who really enjoyed that particular flavour though, so who knows?

Sour Skittles are pretty much the original flavour mixed in with sour sugar. They’re equally as rad as the original, but it’s harder to eat a whole pack of these suckers. I think the sourness just makes them all taste the same after a while, sort of like how you feel unwell after finishing an entire package of Sour Patch Kids. It’s a nice take on the classic with a sour twist.

My favourite out of the three is Skittles Crazy Cores. They’re sort of like eating a jawbreaker you can bite. What’s better than getting two flavours in 1? You can start from Blue Rasberry and transition into a lemon. Mango becomes peach. Strawberry to Watermelon etc. The way I enjoy both flavours is I suck on the outter flavour until it becomes the inside flavour and then bite it. If you bite it right away, you may or may not taste both.

What is your favourite Skittles pack? Are you a regular person, or an adventurer? Let me know! If you could pick one colour from any pack ever as your favourite, what would it be?

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