Green Tea Kit Kats & Chalet Sauce Lays

I’m on a bit of a weird snack binge lately with Green Tea Kit Kats & Swiss Chalet’s Chalet Sauce Lays. Both are unique and addictive in their own ways.

What weird snacks are you into?

Kracie DIY Donut Kit


Time for another DIY kit post! This time I made Kracie’s Doughtnuts. This one didn’t have any microwaving involved. At least that’s what I gathered from the instructions (I can’t read Japanese but there were no pictures of microwaves).


There were the typical packets of powder that turned into dough and icing. There was also sprinkles and crunchy bread-crumb like things.

These are what my donuts looked like after the mold. There was a vanilla and chocolate dough. As you can see mine are far from perfect!


And finally here they are after I decorated it with icing, and sprinkles. Doesn’t it look like a five year old did this? It’s all the same once they make it in my mouth anyway!

Like all the kits, the eeriliy taste like the thing they are supposed to be. So doughnuts. Nuts right?

Patchi Chocolate


My parents recently came back from vacation and brought me back Patchi chocolates.


This box were thin dark mint chocolates. The mint was subtle and didn’t overpower each bite. There were also cute logo designs! I love trying out all types of foreign candies.


Iris Cookies & Cream


I’m in love with Cookies & Cream flavoured cake, desserts, ice cream, candies you name it! I saw this mysterious little package at the Korean grocery store and didn’t quite know what it is but I bought it anyway.


When I shook the package I was positive that I’d probably find some weird cookies & cream flavoured gum. However, opening the container revealed little cubes. Cubes of cookies & cream white chocolate. Like they Henry’s chocolate bar. Yum!

Dollarama Review: Reese Snacksters 

Did you know these existed? I did not know these existed until I walked into Dollarama today. I bought them and instantly ate them. They taste like you are dipping sticks into melted Reese’s Buttercups, completely with a lumpy texture. My one criticism was that the stick to dip ratio was uneven and there could’ve been way more sticks!

What is Your Least Favourite Halloween Candy?


Now that Halloween is nearing I thought we’d talk about candy. As a kid (and as an adult), I loved all sorts of chips, candy, chocolates but the one thing I never liked was Tootsie Rolls. I always thought people who gave them out were the worst people. They were probably the people on the block who despised children.

What is your least favourite candy? Why?

Dollarama Reviews: Warhead Freezies


I didn’t know Dollarama sold freezies, let alone Warhead flavoured ones! I couldn’t resist trying these out. They come in 4 flavours: watermelon, blue raspberry, apple and black cherry.

Of course they must be chilled a day before you actually eat them. My first reaction to the pops was “hey this isn’t too sour” but then after about 5 seconds you get the note of sour. I wouldn’t say it was “extreme”, it is just the right amount of sour to both tease your tastebuds and make them still edible.

Warm Apple Pie Throat Drops

I’m a little bit sick after last weekend but I found these and now I don’t mind because I’d like every excuse to eat them.

Happy Kitchen: Cake Edition


I bought another one of those weird Japanese candy kit things! This time I made a miniature cake.


Inside there were a bunch of coloured powders and candy to decorate the cake with.

Watch me make it here:

So I ended up with this…..


Does it look exactly like the one on the box? To be fair, it is all the same once it is eaten. It did indeed taste like cake and icing.


Photos: French Macarons and Cream Puffs from Petit Nuage

My friend Stephanie is the owner of a little dessert shop called Petit Nuage. She specializes in macarons with unique tea flavours. Yesterday I picked up a few in black sesame, oolong honey and cocoa chai chai. I also picked up a Salted Caramel cream puff. They were just as beautiful as they were delicious so I had a mini photoshoot with them!

French Macaron
Salted Caramel Cream Puff
French Macaron
French Macaron