DAMN YOU IPAD: Plants vs. Zombies

I have way too many games on my iPad, so many that it takes up all 16gbs. I decided to beat them all and keep record of them on this blog so I can delete them from the iPad. I will review the games I have bothered to beat or get pretty far in as they are the ones worth mentioning.

For some reason I was a latecomer to Plants vs. Zombies. The PopCap game that was originally on Steam sells for $6.99 for the iPad in the iTunes App Store or you can get the cheaper iPhone version for 2.99.

The premise of the game is a tower defense game where you must defend the crazy dude’s house with flowers that shoot out things. Sunshine is your currency for buying new plants for your garden. The storyline is pretty random and crazy as the dude will buy random things you find (like bacon?) for $1000 and you can buy upgrades for better flowers and powerups. The game does a pretty good job of getting you addicted as I beat the adventure mode in my spare time in a couple of days.

After you’re done Adventure mode, the game isn’t finished. You can still continue to by upgrades, play the previous levels as well as unlock Mini Games and Survival Mode which includes an Endless Survival Mode. I have unlocked all the levels, trophies, and powerups in a short time frame.

Damn you iPad, but this game is addictive.

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