Wreck This Journal #1

I bought Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal almost 2 years ago with my best friend who also has one. We were supposed to trade when we were done. I found it again recently and wondered why I had not finished it. At first I thought that maybe I had no time, but the truth is.. I’m pretty OCD about notebooks. Despite the title of this journal, it actually hurt me a little at the thought of wrecking my notebooks. As you know, I LOVE to collect notebooks, many of which are empty and wrecking this one was like a nerd opening a mint condition collectible and stepping on it. However, I’ve set a new goal for myself.. I’m going to finish this thing by the end of this year. It will be an adventure, and I’ll blog about my progress.

The whole purpose of this journal is to release your inhibitions and face embarrassment and just not be scared to get messy. Here’s the disclaimer:

And here is a list of the suggested materials:

and lastly the instructions which I coloured all over

So I began by writing my name according to these instructions (I blocked out my number and address):

This journal wrecking is also much more fun with another person. So Nash is probably going to be doing a bunch of it with me. Here is us attempting to drink from a paper cup:

This was actually pretty fail because either we suck at making paper cups or the paper was too thin but water went everywhere in order to get those shots. Oh well that is the least messy we’re probably going to get as we plow through this book. Will keep you guys updated!

<a href="Buy Wreck This Journal

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