I Like Oysters

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Eating all the oysters rn

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Last year at Wayhome I ate raw oysters for the first time in a long time (or possibly ever). I was hooked!

Before that, I had an aversion to oysters. I used to watch a lot of Mr. Bean as a child growing up in the 90s and there was this one episode where he had oysters, proceeded to lock himself out of his hotel room and have the runs.

I always thought that it was an easy thing to get a bad oyster or be too sensitive to eat them raw. I guess it doesn’t make that much sense since I’ve eaten a lot of sushi.

I love oysters now though. The natural salt of the sea water and the texture is such a lovely combo. The key is to go somewhere where they are fresh (so probably not at some Asian buffet table). I really like my local place Bar Neon that does Buck a Shuck Weekdays at 5-7! I’d love to find other places too that have awesome deals on fresh oysters.

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