Dutch Dreams Making Wishes Come True


One of my goals of yesterday was to finally visit Dutch Dreams, which I’ve always passed by and looks like a child’s dream castle. There are giant ice cream cones and cows outside as decor.


Inside is just as magical from top to bottom.


There are funny things hanging from the sitting and placed all over the place. Besides ice cream Dutch Dreams also has imported drinks and candy. Look at those giant pixie sticks!


I was there for the ice cream of course and was presented with a wide selection of waffle cones.


I went with a half scoop of Birthday Cake (which had pieces of cake in it), and half scoop Caramel Turtle ice cream inside an Oreo waffle cone. Each one comes with toppings consisting of whipped cream, fruit and cotton candy. It’s kind of insane that both of these are only consider half scoops.

I’m so happy Dutch dreams exists to make my ice cream dreams come true. This totally beats out Sweet Jesus for both Instagram worthiness and their huge selection of ice cream flavours.

Dutch Dreams Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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