Self-Care Sundays


Self-care may seem like a millennial buzzword that has come up a lot lately but personally, I think it’s important.

I took the idea of self-care Sundays from Estée Lalonde’s book Bloom and created my own version. Essentially, it’s taking some time weekly to perform a routine you personally find relaxing. I like Sundays because it gets you into the right state of mind before starting a new week.

Here is what my Self-care Sunday looks like:

  1. Take a Bath
  2. Use a facial mask
  3. Do my nails
  4. Read a book/watch TV or write in my journal

You can literally do anything you want as your set of tasks as long as it’s relaxing whether it’s make a cup of tea, watch the sunset, whatever. I like my routine because I have so many beauty products, it is fun to have a night to dedicate to actually using them. These are things I often don’t think I have time to do but there’s always time if you allow it to happen. Also, Nash knows to let me have this time to myself!

Do you have a self-care day? What do you do?

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