Going Wireless With Airpods

I love the idea of being less wired, so I couldn’t resist trying the Airpods. At home, I use the Harmon Kardon Aura as my computer speakers, but on the go, it’s nice to have something compact.

Look how small the case is compared to the box! The case doubles as a charger for the earphones. I’ve had them for a week and haven’t charged it yet.

Like most mobile Apple devices, it uses the lightning cable. Now my entire house is just lightning cables and USB-Cs.

Anyways, I find the quality of these decent. I do have B&O H2’s for when I want something better, but it’s not practical always be carrying real headphones. Airpods can fit in my purse or pocket and connect to both my iPhone and Macbook in seconds! On a phone, it’s just a matter of opening the case. They also pause the music when they are removed and can activate Siri. I’m still learning all the tricks but I’ve been listening to so much more music now that it’s so easy to pull these babies out.

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