A Lot Can Happen in 5 Years

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A friend and I recently were lamenting the old days and we realized, some of the memories we were thinking of were over 5 years ago. It’s been a crazy five years. So much has happened and I’m a much different person than I once was. To think that this blog didn’t even exist in this form 5 years ago is totally weird.

I’ve made so many gigantic life decisions in this time. I left an emotionally-abusive ex. I steered myself in a different direction after finishing my Bachelors of Music. These were two of the best choices I have ever made. I became more in charge of my emotions and gained a more stable state of mind.

I faced some fears and met so many great people. I got to chat with Johnny Cupcakes and hang out with Chris Pirillo (and even appeared on his Vlog). Some of my Twitter friends became real life ones and this is still an ongoing thing.

I photographed my first music festivals, and then became a sort of veteran in the pit. I tried so many new restaurants and ate a lot of new food. I grew a social media following that allowed me to do some really random things. I interned and worked at some unexpected things.

I watched my best friend get married and was her maid of honour. I met Nash, the love of my life and partner in shenanigans. He even met my parents.

What these five years have really taught me were to take risks, seek adventure, be positie and to honour who I am. I know that I’ll never stop going on tiny adventures and I’m excited to reflect again in 5 years!

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