Little Pig Hot Pot

My friends and I made the trip uptown to Little Pig Hot Pot. Hot Pot if you’ve never done it outside of your house before comes with a price tag. There’s a per person charge (around $25) as well as additional charges per soup. For our party of four people we had one bowl with two broths: pork and mushroom. They had a lot of spicy soups but we kept it safe.

The cool thing about this place is you can order with an iPad, just like at AYCE Sushi. That way, every time you want more of something, you don’t have to feel guilty flagging the waiter down each time. It was super easy with the click of a button.

The sauces were also part of the iPad ordering system, so we got a little carried away (pictured). There was a huge selection of meats, noodles, vegetables, seafood and also some fried things (not for hot potting). Everything was good quality and came in relatively small portions so we couldn’t order too much by accident the first round.

There were really big chopsticks for cooking the food in. I guess so there was less chance of burning yourself.

I quenched my thirst with some delicious Winter Melon iced tea.

Dessert was a sweet jelly thing that cleansed the palate.

They also had these hilarious fun props you could use to take photos for Instagram. Genius idea!

And of course some pig themed things.

We enjoyed our meal here and this encouraged us to make more trips uptown to have authentic hot pot.

Little Pig Hot Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


NYX Studio Liquid Eyeliner

I love colourful eyeliner, so I couldn’t resist picking up some NYX Studio Liquid liners in blue and purple.

Here’s a quick swatch of the colours. They are super long wearing. In fact, I couldn’t get the swatches off with regular water! Excited to try these out along with the pink one I got from my Kira Kira Crate.

I’ve been on a bit of a makeup binge lately. My makeup corner is my relaxing zone and I love thinking up creative looks and feeling encouraged to leave the house. I’m getting confident enough to wear more bold colours too.

Make Up Brush Scrubber

Since I am obsessed with all sorts of colourful make up lately, it’s important to keep my brushes clean so that the colours don’t mix.

One of my the best tools for cleaning, is this heart-shaped brush thing I got from Amazon. It has grooves suitable for cleaning every kind of brush, whether it is giant blush ones or tiny eyeliner sticks.

I like to use Baby Shampoo for my brushes. If it’s gentle enough for baby hair, it is good enough for my brushes. It is also a fraction of the price of branded brush shampoo, so I can use it frequently.

Kira Kira Crate- February 2017

Last month, I was sent a free Kira Kira crate for review. It arrived at the end of the month.  They asked me in January, but I didn’t get anything for a while so I assumed they just forgot to send me one!

The theme of February was Chocolate Strawberry for Valentine’s Day, so there were many items within that theme.

This bright pink liquid eyeliner from BWPRM was super vivid. I have been obsessed with bright eyeliners, so this is one to add to my collection.

This 5LANC bottled face serum comes in a generous amount. It’s like a luxurious drink for your face, keeping it moisturized without feeling greasy. I tried to Google where I could possibly buy this when it runs out but it is difficult for someone who doesn’t know Japanese!

I loved this YAKUYOUBURO: Fatigue citrus ginger bath soak. It was so relaxing and felt good on my muscles.

A PGT 4 Color Nuance palette provided a nice neutral look good for the office and more natural days.

I don’t really know what gold does for the skin, but this Pure Smile mask gave me a nice dewy look for days.

This chocolate strawberry lip balm was as delicious as the name suggests.

Last but not least was this delicious Banana Chocolate lip mask, which I’m saving for super chapped times.

I loved all my Kira Kira Crate products. I’m waiting for my makeup pile to dwindle down a bit, but I will totally be a future subscriber!

Miss Fresh Recipe 4: Kimchi Braised Chicken

My last Miss Fresh recipe was Kimchi Braised Chicken. This one was super easy and the kimchi provided had just the right amount of texture. It gave the chicken a lot of flavour and wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be.

I blanched my Chinese Broccoli instead of steaming it because I don’t have a steamer. It all turned out delicious!

I’m sad my box is over but I may return when I have more time to do it consistently! It was fun and made making dinner super efficient.

Miss Fresh Recipe 3: Ash Reshteh

Today for lunch, I made a super simple recipe for Ash Reshteh, a Persian noodle soup.

Mine looked different from the photo because the delivery used Chinese egg noodles and the photo looks like vermicelli. Otherwise, it was a tasty, easy healthy lunch.

Tony Moly Blur BB

I don’t wear a lot of foundation, or any really but recently  I picked up this Tony Moly Blur BB.

The container was cute and it wasn’t too expensive.

The product itself I think only came in one colour. It was a sheer coverage. It covered most of my red spots without looking like I had any make up on. I love it. I feel like if you have any acne, or serious skin problems, it wouldn’t be the right product for you, but for gentle coverage it is perfect.



Have you ever stabbed yourself in the eye?

Earlier this week, I somehow stabbed myself in my right eye with my thumbnail. It hurt a lot. I teared up involuntarily at my desk at work. I saw fuzziness for the first day. It was terrible.

I left work a little bit early because I didn’t want to look like I was bawling at my desk and people kept coming up to talk to me for some reason. The trip home was the worst!

I couldn’t keep my eye(s) open. It helped to doze off a bit so that the tearing would stop. I got off a few stops early to pick up some antibiotic eye drops so that it wouldn’t get infected. I probably looked like an idiot as I teared up mid-aisle staring at eye drops. There were too many to choose from and I only had one eye to read labels.

Eventually, I went home (which was also the day of my Miss Fresh package came and I still cooked a recipe and was magically fine while doing it). After that, I lay in bed and let my sore eye rest with a warm towel in my eye and some eye drops. More involuntary crying happened and I fell asleep early watching The Simpsons.

The next day. I took some Tylenol for the remaining pain and applied eyedrops to my swollen eye. I probably looked a bit strange but I still put on eyeliner to seem normal. I was more functional.

Today, I seriously just forgot about it. Sometimes pain is a combination of physical but psychological as well. I think it healed more today, but I can feel it more when I think about it vs when I’m so busy at work and school that I don’t have time to have a crazy eye!

Anyways, I don’t know what the moral of this story is but maybe I’ll read my own post and not poke myself in the eye again.

Miss Fresh Recipe 2: Asian Pork & Miso Eggplant

Tonight, I made the Asian Pork & Miso Eggplant Recipe from my Miss Fresh subscription.

Besides the broccoli (which wasn’t packaged), the ingredients were organized in baggies with sauces portioned out.

One thing I’ll have to say about these instructions were they were slightly vague. I had to look up the meaning of “deglaze” and it didn’t say what temperature (low, medium, high) I needed to pan cook the meat. I turned it up too high in the beginning and burned it a tiny bit.  I ended up boiling the broccoli instead of steaming because I don’t have the proper pot for it.

Here’s my result! It doesn’t look pretty but it tasted great. I loved the eggplant marinated in miso, mirin, honey and soy sauce.

Miss Fresh Recipes Subscription: Tarragon Citrus Crusted Salmon

I’ve always wanted to try a Recipe Delivery service. There are so many in Toronto. I picked Miss Fresh because there was a relatively affordable Groupon Deal for 4 meals for 2 people. The slightly awkward thing is you have to order a week (or more depending on when you’re placing it) in advance. Orders made before Monday will be delivered the next week on Tuesday. If you miss that timeframe you won’t get it until the week after.

I usually can’t plan that far ahead because of the nature of the industry I work/live in. Also because I’m not home everyday these 4 meals will probably need to stretch a bit longer than a week.

It all arrived at my doorstep in one box, with individually labelled bags per recipe. There are even bottles of portioned out sauces! All the ingredients looked super fresh.

I had instructed the delivery person to leave them in front of my apartment door. Everything remained cold in their custom box with a reusable ice pack.

For my first meal, I made a Tarragon Citrus Crusted Salmon. The recipe had fennel 2 ways: as a salad and baked.

The meat and the ingredients came in separate little baggies.

The instructions were super simple. The only time it was slightly confusing was when it called for lemon & orange zest. It didn’t really say how much zest to use so I used the whole fruit.

The result was perfect. I loved the smell of the tarragon and fennel in the oven. Everything took under 30 minutes.

Can’t wait to try the next recipe tomorrow.

You can find the recipe here if you want to try it yourself.