I Like Samples

If you read this blog, you’ll notice that I’m always on the hunt for free offers, especially beauty ones.

I love trying new products and Sample Source is an excellent way to do that. The last round had a lot of yummy goodies for myself and Teddy!



Benefit #GetRealLips


I got this free Benefit “They’re Real Double the Lip” liner and lipstick for entering some form on their site a few weeks ago. It’s an interesting lipstick with an embedded liner.

The shade I received was pink thrills, a nice pink shade, lighter than my lips.

It claims to be long-wear for 8 hours but I found it easily smudged (at least on my hand). They probably mean if you didn’t eat for 8 hours!

Simpsons Books is Now on Instagram

My Simpsons Books tumblr is gaining a decent following, so I decided to also put it on Instagram at @simpsonsbooks.

I’m surprised someone wasn’t doing this already!

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Why I Love the New Zelda

Since I bought the Nintendo Switch, I’ve been hooked on Zelda. The new game is beautiful and satisfying as someone who is an occasional gamer.

The best part about it is you can go at your own pace. I haven’t come across any timers and there are so many puzzles and shrines that help you feel the sense of accomplishment along the way.

The magic of this new Zelda, is that you don’t really have to follow the story. You can wander pretty much in any direction and find something to do. Whether it’s killing a mob, solve puzzles in a shrine or try to boat across a river.

Dying also doesn’t seem like a big deal. You can pick up where you started. Sometimes deaths are funny. I occasionally climb up mountains to be killed by a goat or try too hard to capture a good horse that ends up kicking me in the face.

I’m still nowhere near done the game but I’m having so much fun in it already!

When you get used to advertisements..

The subway station near my house had no billboards for a week and I thought it looked creepy. I think I got used to them being there.

It’s eerie without commercials which is a weird thing to say. 

Protecting my Nintendo Switch

The best thing about the Nintendo Switch is that you can take it on the go, like a giant Gameboy. For the first week, I didn’t have any protection and was carrying it around in my laptop bag. I found this case and screen protector on Amazon, for half the price of what it would be in store.

The case by Butterfox, has enough space for tons of games as well as a pouch for extra controllers and the charger. It even is small enough to fit into my Pikachu backpack!

Now I’m ready to take my Switch on the Go.

Easter Long Weekend!

I don’t really celebrate Easter unless you count buying discount chocolate when it’s over. I’m just happy I have an extra day of the weekend to unwind (and play my Nintendo Switch).

I also get to experiment with more fun looks on my days off. Here is one I liked from last weekend:

Life in colour~ #selfie #makeup #nyxsoftmattelipcream

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I liked it enough to use it as my avatar on some of my social media. I’m trying to use some of those makeup sets before fate brings more into my life.

Weaves, Partner, Thrifty Kids @ House of Targ

I shot Weaves, Partner, Thrifty Kids recently in Ottawa. Full photoset here and a few of my favourites below.


Dilly Dally, The Dirty Nil @ House of Targ

I finally got around to editing some concert photos from JUNO Week. You can see the full set of The Dirty Nil & Dilly Dally over at Ride the Tempo.

Green Tea Kit Kats & Chalet Sauce Lays

I’m on a bit of a weird snack binge lately with Green Tea Kit Kats & Swiss Chalet’s Chalet Sauce Lays. Both are unique and addictive in their own ways.

What weird snacks are you into?