Return to Yellow Griffin


For our burger anniversary date, we returned to The Yellow Griffin. It’s been a while since we were last there and they’ve introduced a few new burgers.


I had the Chilly Willy which was crispy onion strings, fried apples, and habanero BBQ sauce. It wasn’t too spicy but I loved the combination of hot and sweet. At Yellow Griffin you are able to choose what animal you want the patty to be and I decided to try camel. It was a tiny bit gamey but much like a regular burger otherwise.


Nash ordered the Maple Spice bison burger which was maple poached golden pear, caramelized onion, Italian prosciutto, smothered in brie.

Bare Burger


Every year for Nash’s birthday, we seek out a new delicious burger joint to try. Since we’ve tried so many, I looked to Zomato for suggestions and they sent me two lists. Bareburger was on both lists and it was one we hadn’t heard of yet!

The place specializes in organic, free range meats, though that wasn’t the reason we were there. We just like burgers. I ordered the Southern Caviar burger (pictured above) which had bison, pimento cheese, back bacon, stout onions, horseradish remoulade on a brioche bun. Everything went really well together and their house bacon is so delicious! The meat was juicy and cooked very well.

DSCF6077Nash had the El Matador which had bison, cheese curds, pickled jalapenos, guacomole, green leaf, spicy pico de gallo on a brioche bun. This was super messy but so worth getting hands dirty for. So much gooey goodness going on here.


We also ordered the Macho Fries which were crunchy fries topped with jalapeno, guacomole, pico de gallo, pepperjack cheese and a sauce with a kick. These were so good we finished the entire giant bowl AND our burgers.


To wash things down I sipped a Figs & Bacon. I didn’t know I was supposed to put the bacon in the drink so I just ate it. Hahahahaha it was worth it (because their bacon is delicious).


Nash had The Mexican which was a happy hour drink with tequila and ginger beer.

We were super impressed with the burgers. They were both fantastic combinations of ingredients and didn’t leave us feeling like we were dying. Definitely a highly recommended burger place.

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Green Onion In A Burger


I had never put raw green onion in my burgers until Nash’s family made us burgers for dinner one day and included them in the toppings. They had stocks on a tray and I was like “What do I do with this?”. Then I put them in my burger.

It’s no strange than putting regular onions on your burger except it adds a fresh herb taste. Now I like to occasionally do it on burgers I make.

Do you put green onion in your burgers?

Burgers @ The Rude Boy

DSCF1451-2Nash and I hadn’t had a gourmet burger in a while so we took a walk to Roncesvalles to The Rude Boy. The place has a casual vibe, a bar and cool posters like this one:


I ordered the Greek Spot (top photo of post) which had cucumber and tomato salad, oregano vinaigrette, feta cheese, pickled red onion and tzaziki. I added a piece of their home-cured double smoked bacon for fun. I thought it had a good combination of flavours and perfect amount of juiciness to the burger.


Nash had the signature Rude Boy burger containing home cured pemeal bacon, their double smoked bacon, smoked cheddar, fried egg, pickled red onion, garlic aioli, blanche de chambly mustard.


We shared some fries and of course we took the option to add feta! There was a hint of herb and the ketchup had a kick from jalapenos.

DSCF1446-2I also had a sour summery cocktail to accompany my meal (the name and ingredients currently elude me).

Despite the name of the restaurant, the service was friendly and we loved our burgers! We’ll definitely be back.

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Carls Jr. Comes to Toronto

IMG_1161 copy
This afternoon I ventured into the newly opened Carl’s Jr on Queen West, the former home of HMV.

The burger joint joins the many American fast-food chains that have been making it’s way into the city. The menu was a little overwhelming looking and I was rushed by the cashiers to make a choice. I had the Teriyaki Burger with waffles fries because I can’t think of a single place in the city with waffle fries.

I liked the waffle fries, they were crispy and lightly salted. However, I found the burger very unappetizing. The patty had those weird holes like a McDonald’s burger and there was something really weird about the texture. The sauce was nice but in the end I couldn’t finish it because I couldn’t get over how unappetizing it felt.

For the price, I could’ve went down the street to any of the bajillion gourmet burger places on Queen Street, or even McDonald’s for something better.
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Wild Burger

For my birthday, my friend Nilabjo (yes that’s a real name) bought me a Travelzoo gift certificate for Wild Burger near Yonge & Eglington.
I’ve never heard of it prior to getting the certificate but their menu selection quite literally lives up to their name. They offer a variety of burger meats including elk, bison, venison, ostrich, kangaroo and camel. They also advertise sustainable food and flavours that represent the diversity of Canada.

IMG_0978I chose the camel burger which came with a sweet cilantro sauce, brie, baby spinach, mango, dried fruit salsa and onions. I’ve never had camel but it had a texture and consistency of beef but was much lighter tasting. I loved the cilantro sauce and I thought all the ingredients married together. There was also a nice crunch that I wasn’t sure if it was from the spinach or something else.

IMG_0979As my side, I chose the duck fat fries garlic fries. They were great on their own but I also tried dipping them in a selection of house-made sauces. One of the strangest was a banana-mustard.

IMG_0981Nash settled on the Chimichuri Elk Burger that had chipotle aoli, brie and a fried egg. Elk is a lean meat so this can be downed so easily!

IMG_0980He accompanied his burgers with fried pickles. I stole quite a few because they had a perfect crunch. They were sliced in a way that didn’t give you too much pickle or too much breading.

IMG_0975 copyTo drink I tried a Social Lite for the first time in Lemon Cucumber Mint. It was an alcoholic cooler of some sort but I didn’t find it as flavourful as the fancy cocktails you could find around town. It advertises no sugar, but I feel like it needed it.

We really enjoyed our burgers at Wild Burger and now I’m itching to try all the other types of patties!

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Last week a co-worker and I happened to be at an event across the street from Wahlburgers’ recently opened Toronto location at the SoHo hotel. It’s opening had been hyped considering the ties to Mark Wahlberg so we decided to try it out. I ordered the OFD Burger and Sweet Potato tots (pictured above).

The burger was an 8oz beef patty, housemade tomato jam, bacon, swiss cheese & sauteed mushrooms. I didn’t find it particularly memorable, and it was a little bit oily to hold. The sweet potato tots however were very addictive (as advertised on the menu) and the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. The way they had cut it gave a crunchy outer shell that would reveal sweet and soft insides.

IMG_0817To drink, because I am a cocktail fiend, I had their “Wahlcoction” called The Wahlbanger which was orange vodka, vanilla liquor, peach juice and sparkling wine. It tasted like a creamsicle!

IMG_0819My co-worker had the BBQ Bacon burger and he also agreed that the burgers were nothing special. I had one of his fries and they were okay, but not as good as my sweet potato tots.

Overall, I don’t think the burgers here are worth the hype (and the price tag). There are much better places in the city. But if you find yourself here for some reason go for the sweet potato tots!
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The Big Orange Lunchbox

50 Shades of Pork
While in PEI, we did a ridiculous amount of eating and I thought some places deserved their own posts. One of these places was The Big Orange Lunchbox.

Chalkboard Specials We happened to be in PEI during Porktoberfest and there was plenty of options for the pork lover here. I thought I’d go all out and get what was named as the 50 Shades of Pork (pictured at top of post). It was an island pork chorizo patty, topped with BBQ pulled pork, tomato bacon jam, carmelized onions, fried mozarella sticks and mustard aoli. This thing left me in a delcious coma but it was all worth it.

Scallop Burger Nash and I kind of fought over who would order the 50 Shades of Pork but ultimately I ended up winning. Anyways he ended up getting something totally different and got the scallop burger. We weren’t sure if it was going to be scallops grinded in a patty or not but it turns out there were a couple of juicy fresh ones between the bun.

If we stayed longer in PEI, we probably would have visited this place like 10 more times as the menu had so many other goodies to eat!

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Clara’s Gourmet Burgers


We stumbled upon Clara’s Gourmet Burgers while on a walk in the area, and naturally we had to try it. They had a creative burger menu with very affordable prices.

photo-4 I had the Bruschetta Burger with diced tomato, feta, oregano. The flavours worked quite nicely together with the beef. I ordered them with a side of sweet potato fries which were also very good. Not to mention GIANT:

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Imagine the sweet potato that made that!

Nash had the Nacho Burger with jalapenos, onions, tomatos, lettuce, and nacho chips!

photo-1The tables at the restaurant are all chalkboard so we amused ourselves while we waited for our food.

They aren’t the most complex burgers in the world, but they didn’t need to be and it was definitely worth the price! They do run out of ingredients for some of their burgers throughout the day so if you want to try something like the seafood or mahi mahi, go earlier! They were unavailable in the evening when we visited.

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Wallace & Co

photo 3
We’ve been exploring the area a bit East of the Junction food-wise and we found a lovely little diner called Wallace & Co. It reminded me a lot of those places you’d see on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, a show I miss dearly because I no longer have the food network.

photo 1I love how comfy and informal it was. I ordered the Dirty Burger (pictured at top of post). The burger had cheddar, house bacon, fried onion, coleslaw, BBQ aioli, and yellow mustard. It was called the Dirty Burger for a reason because all those sauces together warranted many napkins. It was totally worth getting dirty though.

photo 4Nash had this beef sandwich thing that he also thoroughly enjoyed.

photo 2
If we weren’t in a coma afterward, we probably would have ordered one of their delicious sounding milkshakes. I did however order this fizzy pink lemonade which hit the spot since it’s been warm out.

As of right now this place only opens Wednesday-Friday for dinner but it’s nice to have such a casual restaurant nearby!

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