Ubering Love Chix 

This week, there has been some cold snowy weather. One of the nights was so bad that my commute lasted over two hours. When I got home, I didn’t want to cook so I opened up my Uber Eats app.

The road conditions were so terrible, there weren’t many choices that night. However, I learned from the app that Farmer’s Daughter in the area had closed and in it’s space was Love Chix and it was open for (delivery) business!

The full menu features a lot of chicken dishes and Uber Eats offered some of them. I had fried chicken with a delicious red sauce, dill chicken skin, tuna tartare, cauliflower popcorn with buttermilk dill dressing. It was all super tasty and came under 20 minutes! I’m glad to have a fun unique delivery option nearby.

Now I must head there for real and try out their full menu!

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Hot Star Fried Chicken


One hangover morning Nash and I hit up Hot Star fried chicken. Originally from Taiwan, it recently set up a Canadian location in downtown Toronto.


There weren’t many choices on the menu yet. A BBQ option was coming and so were plum taro fries, but upon my visit they were still listed as “coming soon”. I opted for the regular fried chicken in medium spicey and a strawberry soda. The chicken was fried to a nice crunch but still super juicy on the inside. It was just as advertised: Surprisingly extra large and delicious. There’s no way one person could’ve eaten an entire portion!

Eagerly awaiting more options.
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With Toronto’s flux of tapa restaurants, it’s always much more fun to go with a bunch of people so you can order a bunch of things. My friends and I recently hit up Patois, where Caribbean meets Asian food. For example, what you see above is a Jerk Chicken Chow Mein, a twist on a Chinese classic which definitely had a spicy kick.


This grilled corn with cilantro & lime was gobbled up fast. It was a bit pricey considering it only had one cob.




We had some vegetarians at our table so the Crunchy Chinese salad with napa cabbage, romaine, wonton crisps, spicy plum dressing provided some freshness in their stomachs.


These Kimchi Potstickers “Pierogi” Style Pot Stickers were stuffed with kimchi, bacon, sour cream and scallions.


I ordered my own little scallop and shrimp ball thing which was much like the traditional one with different breading and a tangy sauce of C-Plus and vinegar!


One of our favourites was definitely the O.G. Fried Chicken & Watermelon Pickle served with a sweet Sriracha sauce and ginger.


Jerk PorkBelly with Chicharron came with traditional Asian BBQ sauce.


Our vegetarian friends had their own “fried chicken” sort of with O.G. Fried Cauliflower & Watermelon Pickle. 


Called the 4/20 Broccoli Buds these had roasted, hemp oil, hemp hearts, edamame hummus, Pecorino, savoury crumbles.  I love roasted broccoli in anything.


To drink, I had a couple of peach-infused cocktails (that I totally forgot the name of). Whatever it was was good enough to have multiple and maybe that’s why I forgot what it was.


The plus of having multiple people is.. you can order ALL the desserts! The first was this cheesecake infused french toast. Yes, you heard that right my friend.


The second was this seemingly innocent ice cream that had a hint of jalepeno. It was definitely not for the faint of heart and we had mixed feelings throughout.


Lastly was this brownie ice cream sandwich which was rich and just want one would want in a dessert.

Our experience at Patois was definitely a delicious adventure, but I do highly recommend bringing friends to make the journey worth it.
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Habits Gastropub

photo 5A random stroll down College Street for something delicious led us to Habits Gastropub. We didn’t have a reservation but we were lucky it wasn’t busy when we walked in. The tables filled up quickly afterward and there was a little bit of a wait for our food and bills. There was basically one guy running most of the tables and also acting as bartender and we thought he looked quite overworked. Despite this, he was very friendly.

I ordered the Mac & Cheese ($15 pictured above) which had mushrooms, bacon, black-truffle, asiago & parmesan cheese. It was very flavourful and comforting, but totally more of an Alfredo, which I guess is adult Mac & Cheese.

photo 3Nash had the Fish Soup, the soup of the day, to start. It was a lovely blend of fish, scallops, mussels in a tomato broth.

photo 4He also had the Fried Chicken ($14) which was panko crusted and served with a delicious potato salad and jalepeno-cheddar biscuit. The chicken was to die for!

photo 2Another thing about Habits it has an extensive drink menu and tons of wine options. I ordered the Habits Mojito. I’m usually very picky with mojitos because I usually think they have too much salt, but this one was perfect. It also had enough alcohol to create a buzz.

I wish we had enough stomach left to try dessert but we’ll definitely be back for those soon.

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Fried Chicken @ The White Brick Kitchen

The White Brick Kitchen is nestled in the middle of Koreatown. It’s the perfect place to go to if you’re in the area and looking for something that is not bibimbap or pork bone soup. They serve American comfort food. The menu includes things like burgers, salads, fried chicken, mac n cheese, chilli and more.
On Foursquare their Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($17) was highly recommended so that’s what I went for. For my side I chose the mixed greens in a lemon vinaigrette. It also came with two scallion biscuits which were nice and moist. Nash loves green onions, so he was a huge fan.

The fried chicken, was probably the best fried chicken I have ever had. It was also literally half a chicken, so quite worth the hefty price tag. There was a honey mustard dipping sauce with it but I accidentally thought that was salad dressing. Silly me, but it still worked in the salad. It didn’t matter because the chicken batter was so delicious (and strangely creamy) that it didn’t need any dipping.


Nash ordered the Brisket Burger ($13) with a side of BBQ kettle chips. They reminded me a lot of my home-made potato chips. The brisket burger had some lovely pickles (which they brine in house). The burger itself was very light. Additional toppings were a bit expensive, but I had enough chicken to feed the both of us.

We’ll definitely be back soon for brunch where they have housemade beef bacon and deep fried eggs!
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