Ubering Love Chix 

This week, there has been some cold snowy weather. One of the nights was so bad that my commute lasted over two hours. When I got home, I didn’t want to cook so I opened up my Uber Eats app.

The road conditions were so terrible, there weren’t many choices that night. However, I learned from the app that Farmer’s Daughter in the area had closed and in it’s space was Love Chix and it was open for (delivery) business!

The full menu features a lot of chicken dishes and Uber Eats offered some of them. I had fried chicken with a delicious red sauce, dill chicken skin, tuna tartare, cauliflower popcorn with buttermilk dill dressing. It was all super tasty and came under 20 minutes! I’m glad to have a fun unique delivery option nearby.

Now I must head there for real and try out their full menu!

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