Ever since I started going to music festivals, I’d post about the food I ate.

I decided that I needed my own Instagram hashtag so over the weekend I made myself #tianaeatsfestivals and retroactively tagged a bunch of past posts. You can find my food adventures there.

My favourite find this yer were these Parmesan tater tots from Toben Food by Design:

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Parmesan truffle tater tots #tianaeatsfestivals

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In Ontario, it’s getting harder to find stuff I haven’t previously tried!

Simpsons Books is Now on Instagram

My Simpsons Books tumblr is gaining a decent following, so I decided to also put it on Instagram at @simpsonsbooks.

I’m surprised someone wasn’t doing this already!

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#thesimpsons #simpsonsbooks #archie #riverdale

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#simpsonsbooks #thesimpsons

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NYX Butt “Naked” Pallet

I had a gift card to NYX so I picked up this pallet from NYX.

It has 15 beautiful neutral eyeshadow colours that are appropriate for work. It’s funny because I have probably like 300 eyeshadows, but most of them are way too dramatic to wear in the workplace. I like these colours because they’re good for every occasion and also don’t fade too much throughout the day.

The bottom layer is blush, bronzer and highlighter. This is only like $22 which is an awesome bargain for this useful set.

It’s Okay To Disconnect If You Need It

There’s so much going on in the world that I start to constantly feel guilt that I am not paying attention 24/7. Anxiety is feeding on more anxiety and I know that it’s not healthy.

Being connected has always been a part of my personal life and work, but now more than ever I am trying to convince myself that it’s ok if I need time off. To stop reading, if only for a few hours.

I’ve been more politically active online and offline (through donations), but it’s ok to take care of myself too. To force myself offline for a bit, I’ve committed to more activities with friends like Monday night trivia at the bar (no phones allowed) and Board Game nights. Breaks alone are important too (but easier to catch myself back on the computer).

Does anybody else feel like they must be glued to screens at all time or feel insane FOMO/guilt? I’m here to tell you you’re not alone.

Use Your Voice For Good

As the world South of the border starts to look grim, I’ve been anxious to get more and more involved. A start has been using my voice more online. I’ve always avoided being political most of the time, but if everyone thought that way there would be no change.

I really appreciated a lot of celebrities using their fame to speak out and raise funds for notable causes.

Now is the time to be on the side of history that you want to be remembered for.

Why Is Everyone Liking My Old Tweet?

52 days ago when I was at Sappy, I bought a hat and tweeted this:

Today I saw it blow up for some reason for many hours. I was very confused considering it was an old tweet. I started to wonder if I ended up on Reddit or a post on Mashable or something. So I did what most people would do: I Googled it.

I then found out I am part of this Twitter moment called “What do you look like?” that is on the first page of the Moments tab on the app.

I’m not sure why I’m on there but at least the mystery of where the Likes came from is solved! Moments are an interesting feature that shows tweets from trending topics or events in one place.


Out at the Polaris Prize

I’m heading to the Polaris Prize tonight! Follow along on Twitter!.

Simpsons Books

I seriously couldn’t believe that this wasn’t already a thing so I made this Tumblr.



Over the weekend, I finally downloaded Miitomo, the weird free social game by Nintendo. Here’s what my character looks like!


The concept of the game is a little bit weird, but I have a lot of friends to interact with on it already. The premise seems to be to answer strange questions that are automatically posed to you by the game and read your friend’s answer to the questions.


You gain coins for answering or reading questions and they can be used for buying outfits for your character. There are tons to choose from and new sets every day.


The best part of the game is the photo creator. You can insert photos from your Camera Roll to make some hilarious creations. Nash’s friends have even created a Tumblr full of Mii album covers already! If you have Miitomo you can add me by following me on Twitter @tianafeng.

Snapchat is Fun

I’ve been enjoying my reunion with Snapchat recently! It’s much more fun than when I first joined and it was mostly just a place to chat back and forth. I love the Stories section which is a lot like vlogging your last 24 hours, but much easier. No video editing involved. You also get to see what you’re friends are up to in a less curated fashion than Instagram. It seems more personal and real.

Come snap me @tianafeng!