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Autumn Teddy 2

Here are some photos of Teddy I took on our autumn stroll with my iPhone 7 Plus. Here is the post with my DSLR for comparison. In outdoor lighting this phone makes a killer camera. dogsiphone 7petsphotospuppyteddy

Dog Therapy

Best fluffball #dogsofinstragram A photo posted by Tiana Feng (@tianafeng) on Oct 29, 2016 at 11:15am PDT This week I was having a major anxiety attack and couldn’t focus much on life. I decided to go home (to my parent’s) and spend some quality time with Teddy. Cuddling with a dog really helped calm me…


Last weekend, I purchased this Pikachu costume from Teddy that is a bit too small.. Here are some hilarious photos of him looking miserable in it. He hates clothes. dogsfunnyphotos

Teddy Is Still the Best

Pokemon Go might be fun, but nothing beats a real animal! Here are some random photos of Teddy enjoying his new whale toy. And if you don’t have your own real life dog, you can always volunteer to walk one at a shelter while you’re out catching Pokemon! I think I tired Teddy out. My…

Cottage Adventures

I spent the long weekend at my uncle’s cottage near Haliburton. There was little cellphone signal so I was unplugged for most of the trip. It allowed me to relax and appreciate my surroundings. On Saturday we set off belated Canada’s Day fireworks. I’d never done them before and it was funny to get a…