Food Field Trip 2016

Last weekend, I was at Field Trip! Like always, part of going to a music festival is experiencing all the food trucks that are there. Here’s what I had this year.

DSCF0367Margarita Pizza from Wood Fired Pizza.

Fried Chicken from The County General

London Fog popsicle from The Pop Stand. I also had a cherry bourbon one I took a selfie with:

Pad Thai Fries from Fidel Gastro‘s.

The Porknado from Fidel Gastro’s.

I get these Mac and Cheeseballs from The Food Dudes almost yearly!

I couldn’t resist the keylime pie from Buster’s Sea Cove. I’ve had it before but it really hits the sweet tooth.

They also had a caramel brownie one that was delicious but a little bit too sweet.

Oh and you can’t go to Buster’s without some seafood tacos. I had one octopus and one Ahi Tuna!

Lastly, Uncle Smoke served me some delicious ribs.

I can’t wait to eat street food at the next music festival. I found that after a few years of doing this, there’s very few places I haven’t eaten yet (until they allow more trucks to be licensed). Stay tuned for Bestival eats this upcoming weekend!

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