Chefs Plate: Cauliflower Fried Rice & Guacamole Bowl

For my previous Chef’s Plate, I accidentally chose a vegetarian and gluten-free option because I forgot to pick something. It was a Cauliflower Fried Rice & Guacamole Bowl. I thought that all the ingredients they sent us was fresh and vibrant in colour.

I didn’t know you could use Cauliflower heads as a rice replacement and it turned out perfectly. I liked the flavours of the goat cheese and basil pesto. These all made this healthy meal flavourful at every bite.

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Chefs Plate: Crispy Tonkatsu

Sometimes with Chefs Plate, you can learn a much easier way to cook something. This happened when I made tonkatsu. I had blogged about making tonkatsu in the past, but I usually baked it, used flour and cooked the panko beforehand.

This Chefs Plate recipe required just eggs and panko and could be done right in a heated frying pan with oil!It was delicious and juicy, not to mention quick. Both ways have their advantages, but when I’m hungry, I’ll definitely be doing this pan method.

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Chefs Plate: Cajun Tilapia

Tonight’s Chef’s Plate meal was a Cajun Tilapia served with quinoa, kale, tomatoes and corn.

It was easy to make and had a lot of seasonal ingredients. Everything tasted as colourful as it looked. This was such a perfect summer dish.

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Chefs Plate: Indian-Style Saag

This week I have two more meals from Chefs Plate. Tonight I made an Indian-style Saag. It was the first time doing something vegetarian from the boxes and I was afraid that it might not be enough food for us hungry pigs.

Anyways, the meal was relatively easy and I was cooked it in around 20 minutes. Weirdly the ingredients list had a pack of vegetable stock reduction, but I received an extra pack of masala spice mix instead. The result was still flavourful and tasty despite the missing vegetable stock.

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Chefs Plate: Tumeric Coconut Salmon

Our second Chefs Plate meal this week was a tumeric coconut salmon served with green beans and a side of cracked wheat and parsley.

This recipe was easy to follow and now I know the perfect amount of time to cook a piece of salmon. It’s also amazing how flavourful you can make something with a few easy steps.

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Chefs Plate: Turkey Taco Salad

We’ve been moving and unpacking all this week so we didn’t really have too much time planning meals and getting groceries. Thankfully, Chefs Plate helped out and the box came to our door step the day we moved in.

Yesterday I cooked a Turkey Taco Salad. All the ingredients were fresh and it was full of flavour. I loved the cilantro sour cream, as well as the spices in the turkey. Plus, it felt like I was eating healthy, in comparison to the takeout I was eating all last week.

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Miss Fresh Recipe 4: Kimchi Braised Chicken

My last Miss Fresh recipe was Kimchi Braised Chicken. This one was super easy and the kimchi provided had just the right amount of texture. It gave the chicken a lot of flavour and wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be.

I blanched my Chinese Broccoli instead of steaming it because I don’t have a steamer. It all turned out delicious!

I’m sad my box is over but I may return when I have more time to do it consistently! It was fun and made making dinner super efficient.

Miss Fresh Recipe 3: Ash Reshteh

Today for lunch, I made a super simple recipe for Ash Reshteh, a Persian noodle soup.

Mine looked different from the photo because the delivery used Chinese egg noodles and the photo looks like vermicelli. Otherwise, it was a tasty, easy healthy lunch.

Miss Fresh Recipe 2: Asian Pork & Miso Eggplant

Tonight, I made the Asian Pork & Miso Eggplant Recipe from my Miss Fresh subscription.

Besides the broccoli (which wasn’t packaged), the ingredients were organized in baggies with sauces portioned out.

One thing I’ll have to say about these instructions were they were slightly vague. I had to look up the meaning of “deglaze” and it didn’t say what temperature (low, medium, high) I needed to pan cook the meat. I turned it up too high in the beginning and burned it a tiny bit.  I ended up boiling the broccoli instead of steaming because I don’t have the proper pot for it.

Here’s my result! It doesn’t look pretty but it tasted great. I loved the eggplant marinated in miso, mirin, honey and soy sauce.

Miss Fresh Recipes Subscription: Tarragon Citrus Crusted Salmon

I’ve always wanted to try a Recipe Delivery service. There are so many in Toronto. I picked Miss Fresh because there was a relatively affordable Groupon Deal for 4 meals for 2 people. The slightly awkward thing is you have to order a week (or more depending on when you’re placing it) in advance. Orders made before Monday will be delivered the next week on Tuesday. If you miss that timeframe you won’t get it until the week after.

I usually can’t plan that far ahead because of the nature of the industry I work/live in. Also because I’m not home everyday these 4 meals will probably need to stretch a bit longer than a week.

It all arrived at my doorstep in one box, with individually labelled bags per recipe. There are even bottles of portioned out sauces! All the ingredients looked super fresh.

I had instructed the delivery person to leave them in front of my apartment door. Everything remained cold in their custom box with a reusable ice pack.

For my first meal, I made a Tarragon Citrus Crusted Salmon. The recipe had fennel 2 ways: as a salad and baked.

The meat and the ingredients came in separate little baggies.

The instructions were super simple. The only time it was slightly confusing was when it called for lemon & orange zest. It didn’t really say how much zest to use so I used the whole fruit.

The result was perfect. I loved the smell of the tarragon and fennel in the oven. Everything took under 30 minutes.

Can’t wait to try the next recipe tomorrow.

You can find the recipe here if you want to try it yourself.