Carls Jr. Comes to Toronto

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This afternoon I ventured into the newly opened Carl’s Jr on Queen West, the former home of HMV.

The burger joint joins the many American fast-food chains that have been making it’s way into the city. The menu was a little overwhelming looking and I was rushed by the cashiers to make a choice. I had the Teriyaki Burger with waffles fries because I can’t think of a single place in the city with waffle fries.

I liked the waffle fries, they were crispy and lightly salted. However, I found the burger very unappetizing. The patty had those weird holes like a McDonald’s burger and there was something really weird about the texture. The sauce was nice but in the end I couldn’t finish it because I couldn’t get over how unappetizing it felt.

For the price, I could’ve went down the street to any of the bajillion gourmet burger places on Queen Street, or even McDonald’s for something better.
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Adventure Time’s Card Wars

When we saw Finn and Jake play Card Wars in an episode of Adventure Time, we wished so hard that it was a real game.

And it turns out it is. A single Card Wars Collectors Pack is approximately $20 and has two decks so two people can play right away. I decided to buy all the decks out so far (I think they will release more later). That way, we can switch it up and games would be different each time.


One thing to note is that it is exactly like the game in the episode meaning that the Adventure Time characters (Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum etc) aren’t actually part of the deck. Though you can imagine you are one of those characters if you wish. In fact, there is a “Hero deck” (optional) that exists where you can pretend you are characters from the show and gain special bonuses. The cards are actually ridiculous made up characters with hilarious descriptions in brand with the show. There are landscape cards, spells and even punch out hit points so you are fully ready to go in each box.


Like in the show, the winner of a match is damed the “Cool Guy” and the loser the “Dweeb”. Players try to protect their land so that their “Hero” (yourself) doesn’t get any hit points. Certain monsters need specific landscapes in order to work. The game is  a lot of strategy, fun and laughs.

Let yourself have cake

Accidentally sent everyone in Toronto a link to cake so eating my feelings in cake.

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Every day there are trials and dumb things that happen and things that are beyond your control. Don’t forget to reward yourself every once and a while that you’ve survived.

15 Days of No Complaining


Being mindful of others is important, just like in a game of Chinese Checkers!

As you know from my previous post, I am trying not to complain for the entire month of April. I am only half way into the month and it’s been a long and arduous journey. Complaining is so natural in our nature. Sometimes I don’t even notice it until after. I realize some relationships with other people are built entirely on complaining and this isn’t healthy.

I’ve observed how much myself and others complain on a daily basis. In the course of an hour, this can be hundreds of times. I haven’t completely eliminated it but I’ve become more mindful. Instead of complaining about someone, I’d consider other people’s perspective more when they did something that annoyed me. I’d also became more aggressive in taking actions to prevent things I’d later perceive as problems.

I participated in less gossip and in return people gossiped to me less. At first I felt a little bit left out, but keeping a positive outlook has actually made me a much happier, better (in my mind) person.


Boss Monsters Card Game


Ever wanted to be the evil villain in video games instead of the Hero?


Well now you can with the Boss Monsters card game. Essentially you are the boss of a dungeon and heroes go through your various rooms and try to survive. Your objective is to make sure they don’t. If five survive you loose, if you destroy 10 you win.


The original deck comes with heroes, monster rooms, trap rooms, bosses and spells. We also purchased the first expansion set which introduces hero items. The cards parody classic video games.


We have been playing the game with the two of us and it’s fun but we feel like it would much more of a challenge with 3 or 4 people.


Apparently a Boss Monsters mobile game is coming out. You can find out more at Brotherwise Games.