Passed Halfway


Cheers! This is my 184th blog post in a row this year. That means I’ve more than passed blogging every day for the entire year. The most incredible part is my best friend has also achieved this goal.

It hasn’t been easy. The last month and a half or so have been some of the craziest in terms of work and festivals. There were a couple of times where I became super close to forgetting (like seriously I was blogging at 11pm) but I managed to get in a post every day. Having a smartphone really helps when you are in a bind. The WordPress app for iOS isn’t perfect, but it’s sufficient enough to at least upload a photo and type some words.

Though sometimes the quality isn’t the greatest, I am super happy with all my posts. I have become less critical about publishing my work and find it a lot easier to speak my mind. I like to write down ideas (or even entire posts) as soon as they come to mind, so a lot of my writing has been happening on the go on my phone. I contemplate carrying around a notebook (and you know I love Moleskines) but having a digital notebook in my pocket is just so convenient.

The summer business stretch isn’t over yet! But I’m not quitting. Besides the busier I am, the more ideas and photos I have to blog about! It’s a win win.

Life is a continuous adventure and I love sharing it with all you here.

Video Round-Up: Army Girls, Bunch of Stuff, A Concert in A Park

Sorry for the lack of Vlog updates! I hate editing video.. like I say so in this video:

Birchbox haul + photoshop magnets + new camera backpack:

I sit on a couch in the park and watch a concert:

What Does Canadian Music Mean?

It’s Canada’s Day here! To celebrate on my blog Ride the Tempo we wrote a huge feature on what Canadian music means to a variety of different artists. Head over here to read it now!

Why I Bought A Mirrorless Camera

fujifilmA few weeks ago, I compulsively bought the Fujifilm x100t, a compact mirrorless camera. It was the second day of Bestival, and I had spent the first day lugging around a DSLR after I was told that photo passes were super limited. I still wanted to have access to a decent camera the second day but knew that it wasn’t worth carrying my entire DSLR kit.

Fast forward few weeks later and I regret nothing of my compulsive buy. This camera is amazing. The 23mm fixed lens has an aperture of f2 so it has great possibilities. The 35mm lens used to be one of my favourites on my DSLR and this is the equivalent on a crop frame. Sure, I can’t zoom but the limitations allows to be a more creative photographer.

That being said, this camera is super sharp, works better at times than my 60D in low light and is so super light that I can carry around everyday. Now there’s no excuse for my social media and blog photos not to be perfect quality!

Here are some sample shots:
Fucked Up @ Adelaide Hall 6/20/2015 #NXNE2015
Banks @ Bestival Day 2 6/13/2015
水中ブランコ (Suichu Blanco) @ The Silver Dollar 6/17/2015 #NXNE2015
Cathedrals @ Adelaide Hall 6/18/2015 #NXNE2015
Bestival 2015

As you can see this is one powerful little camera!

Becoming a Little Less Introverted

Sparklers to end a meeting with talented women tonight :) #torontowomeninmusic #the6

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I am an introvert. I read a wonderful post on Lifehacker that properly defined what an introvert is. Introverts aren’t always shy or hate people. The big identifying factor is that social interactions take energy. They can wear me out.

Recently I have been pushing myself a little bit harder to use more of this energy. This can be super hard after work. But I’ve been attending more events, meetups and facing my fears to talk to new people. Call it a second wind, but I never regret it when I am in front of great people. It even starts to energize me.

That being said, I will never not be an introvert, I don’t think that’s a personality trait you can change. I will always appreciate quiet time where I can read, write or create art.