Photoshop Magnets


My fridge is pretty bare at the moment so as a part of my recent Photojojo shopping spree, I got these awesome Photoshop magnets.


The magnets come in two sheets which include tools and panels that parody the real thing. There is even a dialog box and the Apple swirling ball of death if you are so inclined to include that.


I decided to decorate it with one of my Origrami prints of Teddy! Doesn’t it almost look just like a Photoshop screen?

Video Round-Up: Blue Nails, April Birchbox, METZ

I’m a little behind with editing Vlogs so here are 3 more!

First I painted my nails blue:

Then I opened my April Birchbox

Lastly, I saw METZ at CMW

My Battery Buddy


Summer music festival season is starting soon and the biggest problem I always run into is my phone battery not lasting until the end of the day. As a social media person, this is a big no no. I decided to prepare this year and bought the cheero Power Plus from Photojojo. Whenever you order on their website, a dinosaur comes along with your package.



This battery pack contains up to 10400mAh. This is always a number you should be paying attention to whenever buying any sort of portable battery. My iPhone 5S is around 1900 mAh, which means this battery can power up to 10 iPhones when on a full charge.I tend to have a lot of friends that try to borrow my batteries (I had smaller power sticks in the past) so this can be super useful! It even has two USB slots so two people can charge their phone at the same time.It also comes with the charging cable (iPhone cables you must provide) and a little pouch.


It’s a bit bigger than a regular power stick and heavier than I thought but I will totally not regret it when I’m out of juice in a field.

Birchbox: May 2015 Edition


The theme of this month’s beautiful Birchbox is Cupcakes and Cashmere, inspired by an Emily Schuman book. The box also focuses on organic products that can transform your moods.

IMG_7037Speaking of mood enhancing, there was a soap from Not Soap Radio that has “pheramone activation”. I used it in a bubble bath and it smells delightfully like berries.


This organic Stem Cellular Moisturiser from Juice Beauty is for firming the skin and hiding wrinkles.

IMG_7039Dr. Lipp’s original nipple balm for lips might have a slightly silly name but it uses a formula that was historically used by nursing mothers. It can be used as a lip balm or on dry elbows and cuticles.


Shaving is also a relaxing guilty pleasure and this shea butter shave cream from Whish smells delicious.


Lastly, there was the Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara from W3LL PEOPLE that I’m super excited to try because I love mascaras! I have never used an organic one so I’m very interested to see how it holds up in daily wear.

I’m very happy with my May Birchbox and I will continue being a subscriber in June. It’s only $10.95 (+$4.95 shipping) and it’s like a lovely pick me up once a month.

If you’d like to become a subscriber you can use my referral code here:


Static Zine #11- Body


Yesterday, the Static Zine family celebrated the release of Issue #11 at Christie Pits with a mini picnic of treats and goodies.


We were lucky enough to have perfect weather and Sasha Chapin played some music, attracting more potential zine readers.


This month’s theme is Body and contains stories, illustrations and art detailing people’s relationships with their bodies. The issue will be available around Toronto at Sonic Boom and in random indie cafes. They should also be available soon on Etsy.


So far I’ve contributed to 5-11 zines and will keep submitting. You can purchase some of the back issues for $1 on Static Cloud.

I really enjoy being a part of this mini community that shares a piece of themselves through art and writing!