Hosting my first show tonight!

The day is here! I am hosting my first show tonight at the Handlebar. I am nervous and excited but the support I have received from friends is overwhelming. 

I have also been seeing my poster around town, including a late night Poutine stop. 

I always have the paranoia that no one will show up but by the amount of friends that have messaged me in the past week I know that won’t be the case. 

Vegan Brunch at D-Beatstro


Today we hit up relatively new cafe + venue in our hood D-Beastro for brunch. They serve up vegan eats so what you’re about to see is 100% meat free. Yes, you’re still on the right blog. Nash and I don’t mind vegan food when it is done well.

I ordered one of the daily specials, a Mac and Cheese. Considering there wasn’t actual cheese (from a cow), it was thick and gooey as a regular mac and cheese would be. There was also an interesting pepper spice to it.


It was served with a small side salad that was liberally seasoned with a light vinaigrette.


Nash ordered the Breakfast Burrito with fries (which he supremed). Inside the burrito was a scrambled egg type thing made out of tofu and beans. The “bread” was nice and crunchy. His fries had corn, beans and sour cream. The potato themselves had a spice that reminded me of BBQ chips.


We also had some freshly squeeze juice!

D-Beatstro is a cool venue in the area and I hope to experience some shows and events soon along with more food!

D-Beatstro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Is It Christmas Already?


The other week I was in the Distillery District and realized the Christmas market was already set up. Had another year passed by so fast already? I can’t believe I’ve almost blogged 365 days in a row. It was a feat that in previous year couldn’t even get through to the first month, but I’m almost there guys! Super proud of my best friend and I!

Kinka Izakaya Tasting (Bloor Street West)


After a franchise contract ended, all Guu Izakayas were renamed Kinka Izakaya, explained the owner after we sampled a delicious meal on Monday. A bunch of bloggers were invited to a tasting with a guest and I was lucky enough to be one of them!


We started our meal with drinks. I had the Cassis Peach Oolong: cassis liquer, peach liquer, oolong tea.


Nash had the Sake Highball: sake, whisky, cointeau, soda and orange.


Our first dish was the Gomaae: blanched spinach with sesame sauce. It was seasoned generously.


Maguro Tataki: seared BC tuna sashimi with ponzu and garlic chips. This was super fresh and one of my favourite dishes as the sides were perfectly seared to leave a soft pink middle.


The Seaweed & Tofu salad was a refreshing palate cleansing part of the meal.


Their Karaage was nicely fried, moist in the centre and served with a garlic mayo. I liked it more without the mayo personally as the batter had a soy sauce touch.


Kaki Mayo: Baked BC oyster with spinach & garlic mayo topped with cheese.


 Karubi: grilled miso marinated short ribs.


Gindara: grilled miso marinated black cod with yuzu miso sauce. This was my favourite dish. The fish was melt in your mouth and the skin was to die for!


Lastly (before dessert), in case I wasn’t already full (which I was) there was a Kinoko Bibimbap with rice, mushrooms, cheese and seaweed sauce.


Dessert was a piece of Sake Tirimisu. The alcohol was subtle but would sneak up on me! It worked will in a tirimisu.


Our delicious meal concluded with a gift bag, and they lived up to their logo of “serving people happiness”. Our night was full of fresh, delightful food and superior service.

This meal was complimentary but views are my own.
KINKA IZAKAYA BLOOR Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


I don’t know why but for the second year in the world, as the weather got colder, ants started appearing inside my apartment. I’m not really scared of ants but they are such a stupid nuisance. Are they looking for warmth at my place? These visitors are certainly unwelcome.

Last year they came in through cracks by the door, but this year they are coming mysteriousyl from the wall. They are the exact same type of small black ants. I tried everything including sealing all cracks, but they find another one to come through!

The only thing that really works is to bait them with peanut butter poison (that you can buy pre-packaged). Liquid bait doesn’t do anything, even though people online seem to really recommend it. The process of baiting is slow though. It’s not as instant as spraying them to death, but they would just end up coming out from somewhere else.

I’m obsessively watching as they carry the poison back to the holes they are coming from, awaiting their queen’s slow death.