Adorable Dim Sum @ Kwan


Kwan is a beautiful modern Dim Sum and Chinese restaurant at Yonge and St. Clair. We went for the Dim Sum which consisted of traditional dishes that were often presented beautifully. They most typical items from shrimp dumplings, siu mai’s and chicken feet. I didn’t take a picture of everything because I thought it would be annoying to get the table of 10 to stop eating. Hah!


Sticky rice


Streamed dumpling with scallop, shrimp, topped with egg yolk

DSCF7681The taro pudding for example was presented as small individual little bites instead of the regular fend for yourself squares.


These deep-fried squid were presented in a bowl that you could eat. In case you were wondering, the bowl tasted like shrimp chips.


These adorable bunnies were filled with cream custard.


We also got some adorable bees with almonds.

We had a pleasant experience at Kwan and were super full and didn’t spend as much as we expected considering how well presented and smaller portion the dishes were. For those looking for a clean, yet still authentic (in terms of taste) experience, Kwan is a splendid spot. Plus you can instagram their desserts!

Kwan Dim Sum Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Nash and I don’t really believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s usually so commercial and stressful for couples to try and plan some perfect romantic date. Those should come occasionally in surprises throughout the year instead of one day. However, I did participate in Galentine’s Day which was a fantastic way for girl friends to gather together for a night of laughter and positivity!



We gathered around a spread of food and goodies. Not pictured was a delicious soup and splendid vegetarian lasagna. There was also a Mexican Chocolate Pie. My friends are awesome cooks.


Afterwards we gathered around and gave each other candies and fun little gifts.



Everybody’s things were so cute!


I actually had no idea what I was supposed to bring to Galentine’s as I’ve never been to one so I hand painted these punny cards which were a hit.



My Galentine’s haul is enough chocolate for the week!


Also this cute little horse eraser guy.


Galentine’s owns Valentine’s Day hands down!

Dollarama Review: Reese Snacksters 

Did you know these existed? I did not know these existed until I walked into Dollarama today. I bought them and instantly ate them. They taste like you are dipping sticks into melted Reese’s Buttercups, completely with a lumpy texture. My one criticism was that the stick to dip ratio was uneven and there could’ve been way more sticks!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! I’m not home to celebrate it with my parents this year but they’ve been sending me hilarious photos of Teddy receiving red pockets. It’s the year of the Monkey, an animal that is adventurous and may we all have some fun ones this year!

The Internet & Public Shaming

I’ve been reading Jon Ronson’s book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed which tells the stories of people who’s lives have been ruined over various levels of mistakes.

You can read a few of these examples in an article published by Ronson for the New York Times last year.  One of these tales is of Justin Sacco who made an inappropriate AIDS joke on Twitter right before a plane ride. Her life was subsequently ruined: lost job, was shunned by her family and received numerous death threats. Her personal brand (or more commonly known as Google Search results) now is forever associated with that stupid tweet.

What this book made me realize is that I’m also quick to judge people on social media and the mob mentality can be very addicting and controlling. People on the internet seem to live on the mistakes people have made, not knowing the lives they may affect through shaming.

I know I personally make mistakes on a daily basis but this “Big Brother” thing where people are always watching is scary. For now on, I’m going to be more considerate before jumping on the internet hate wagon.

In Ronson’s book the shamers often quote themselves saying they “did the right thing” but should the right thing be ruining someone’s life or wishing them dead? I think no, and we need to learn to empathize and educate people instead of taking them down.