Cleopatra’s Pyramid Review

I have a ton of apps like App Shopper that notify me when there’s new free apps available. One of the one’s I got through this was Cleopatra’s Pyramid. The game, though free, actually does eventually come at a price, but you don’t realize this until you have played through some levels.
The game is pretty much like any normal game of pyramids except you have a wild card and must beat 2 levels in a row to unlock the next piece of the pyramid. I admit it is sort of addicting at first. The only annoying thing is that additional difficulties cost “scarabs” and you can’t replay levels to earn more so you get stuck eventually having to pay.

To unlock all the levels I think it costs around $6.99, which I don’t find worth it for such a simple game. The beginning free levels are fun though if you are looking for something to quickly past the time.

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